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Fannish Cooking is anything edible made with a fannish theme, be it cake or biscuits or sushi. Cakes with fannish toppings or shapes are perhaps the most common expression, but there is almost no limit to fannish creativity.

Animexx has its own category for fannish cooking[1] as a subcategory of fanart. deviantART similarly has a category for culinary arts nested under artisan crafts, which includes a subcategory for carved Halloween pumpkins. Commonly featured are cut cookies, iced cupcakes, sculpted fondant, bento art, and many birthday or wedding cakes. Some artists post photos of the finished product, while others include process photos with or without instructions for replication.

The popular blog Cake Wrecks not only regularly features cakes with fannish themes (add example), but also inspires fans to copy the featured wrecks and sometimes combine them in hilarious ways. (add examples)

One fan described the cake she made to celebrate K/S Day: "Made an 18 inch sheet cake. Figured that'd be long enough. Frosted it with light gold frosting. Decorated it with long, thick swirly penises; one pink with one ridge about 13 inches, another about 15 inches, light green with two ridges. Was thinking Gayle F here. Shaped some plump frosting balls to match, slapped them on at bases of penises, figured that would do as I am a frosting maniac. [2]

Convention Cakes

Cakes with fannish themes are sometimes sometimes made for conventions:

Other Fannish Baking

Fannish Bento

examples on deviantArt how popular is this in Japanese fandom?

Fannish Recipes and Cookbooks

See Cookbooks

Community Activities

In 2009, as part of their fifth anniversary celebrations, the members of the maryrenaultfics LiveJournal community were challenged to a "Bake-Off (and Pot-Luck Supper)". Participants posted pictures of their creations, which included cakes, pie, and main or side dishes. Many were, in some way, Renault-themed or included Renault associations in their introduction.


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