Zorro: The Legend Continues

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Title: Zorro: The Legend Continues
Publisher: Tia's Pals' Press
Medium: print
Fandom: Zorro
Language: English
External Links: Fanzines Published by Tia's Pals' Press
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Zorro: The Legend Continues is a gen anthology. From the publisher: "The adventures of the man in the black mask continue in this collection of short stories, poems, filks & artwork based on the New World Productions series Zorro."

Issue 1

Zorro: The Legend Continues 1 contains 75 pages.

  • A Matter of Trust - When Zorro is badly injured, Felipe must get help but, with Alejandro out of town, who can he trust?
  • The Christmas Challenge - Zorro faces his ultimate battle in a fight with an old enemy
  • Generations - It's twenty years later and Zorro has retired, but will Diego have to resurrect him when his daughter is kidnapped?
  • Night Thoughts - Alejandro finally learns his son's secret

Issue 2

Zorro: The Legend Continues 2 was published in 1996 and contains 81 pages.

  • Malasuerte - A caballero comes to the pueblo with his ten year old daughter, then dies mysteriously
  • To Friends by Linda Vogt Binder -- Diego must stop Alejandro from keeping a promise he made before Diego's birth - that Diego would marry the daughter of his father's old friend
  • Courtship by Linda Vogt Binder -- The alcalde tries to take Victoria's tavern away and her only recourse is an emergency late night wedding to Diego

Issue 3

Zorro: The Legend Continues 3 contains 92 pages.

  • Unfinished Business - Zorro, trapped by a landslide caused by an earthquake, gets help from an unlikely source
  • Burning Hearts by Linda Vogt Binder -- The alcalde tries a new tactic to try to capture Zorro
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