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Personal Fanfiction Website
Website: waxjism
Author: Wax Jism
Dates: 30 September 2000[1] or before - present
Fandom: BtVS, The Sentinel, Due South, Hard Core Logo, The X-Files, X-Men, The Faculty, 'NSync, Eminem, Harry Potter, Lotrips, SGA, My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy, Adam Lambert, Into the Blue
URL: http://www.waxjism.org/fork.html
http://www.waxjism.net/pickle/ (Wayback)
http://www.squidge.org/~mace/waxjism/ (Wayback, old)
main page (2012)
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waxjism is Wax Jism's fanfic site. Back in 2000 the page name was Wax Jism, later versions were waxjism or fanfiction by waxjism. The latest version of the page has the stories all listed on the main page but the site has a vid subpage (one Into the Blue vid), a subpage for Lord of the Ring RPS where it also hosts fanfiction by other authors, and there is a subpage for popslash by Badbatz, Dacey Ellis and xoverau.


The page was originally hosted by Squidge.org but moved between May and August 2001 to its own domain, waxjism.net.[2] By the end of 2001, the waxjism.net domain (aka WaxWorld) already hosted several popslash sites, including Boylicious, i-n-s, everything and nothing at all, shame is good for you (Wax Jism's popslash page), only very slightly mad, I will not be afraid of boybands, bury me deep, um...yeah, pretty little whore machine and Vanitas.[3] Waxjism.net was still active in June 2003[4] but by April 2005 the domain had changed to waxjism.org[5], still hosting mostly popslash sites.



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