Undying Devotion

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Name: Undying Devotion
Date(s): Last updated December 17, 2006
Archivist: Evil Genii (AKA Jacqui and Ann Graham)
Type: Fanfic archive & resource
Fandom: Swamp Thing
URL: http://www.geocities.com/evil_genii_inc/index.htm Undying devotion banner.gif
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Devoted Assistant Fanfic Archive

  • Dara Sloan
  • Fran
  • JJ Arrows
  • Jacqui
  • Kerguelen
  • Ann Graham
  • Evil Genii

Swamp Thing Picture Gallery

  • Swamp of Dreams
  • Patient Zero
  • Changes
  • Cross-Fired
  • Dark Side of the Mirror
  • Vendetta
  • A Jury of His Fears
  • Walk a Mile in My Shoots
  • Night of the Dying
  • Birthmarks

Swampy Computer Art

  • Graham Wallpaper
  • Night of the Dying pic (A/G)
  • Cartoonerised A/G

Sounds of Swampy

  • Arcane: Graham, come to daddy!!
  • Arcane: Play with me man.
Graham: Absolutely, Sir!
  • Graham: Arcane, I really love you! You know that.
  • Arcane: I don't have an authentic German accent, because I'm not a bloody German!!
  • Graham: Doctor! You're back, you're back!!
  • Arcane: Graham, bite me damn you!
  • Graham: I think you'll love it.
  • Arcane: Truth is for naive lovers Graham
  • Arcane: You'll find out what happens when Mr. Graham and I decide to play pirates.
  • Arcane: Pentothal didn't work you see. So this is what you would call plan B.
  • Graham (desperately): Somebody get help!!!
  • Arcane: Iguanius Morphicus. I can tell you this, you don't see many of those about.
  • Graham: Would it be easier to just ... kill Dr. Arcane?
  • Graham: I mean, there's no telling what creatures out there may be forced to defend themselves. Big creatures. Angry ones!
  • Arcane: That is why you betrayed me isn't it Graham? For the enticements.
  • Arcane: All that was once mine is now hers. Including my - assistant!
  • Arcane: I thought I got rid of you.
Graham: You'll never be rid of me, Sir.
  • Arcane: Well, we'll just have to start over again, won't we old chap?
  • Graham: You're a genius Dr. Arcane.
Arcane: Yes, of course.
  • Graham: I hate plants ... and woman!
  • Graham: I said you killed Stella!
  • Graham (crying): You killed her!!
  • Arcane: What are you doing, Graham? Put that down before you shoot yourself.
  • Arcane: Put that down or shoot me. One of the two. Decide now!
  • Arcane: She's not your bloody possession. She's my wife!!

Songs to Inspire the Muses

  • My Immortal by Evanescence

A beautiful song that I think represents Graham's devotion perfectly.

  • Numb by Linkin Park

Inspires the question of Graham's background. What led him to Arcane's employee, what choices did he have to make?

  • Everybody's Fool by Evanescence

If Graham ever wised up and realised the truth.

  • Going Under by Evanescence

How long can Graham take life with Dr. Arcane?

  • Cherry Popsicle by Jann Arden

A beautiful song that I think must capture Graham's feelings about Arcane perfectly.

  • You Don't Know Me by Jann Arden

How I imagine Graham feels as he watches Dr. Arcane date his countless women.

  • Sorry for Myself by Jann Arden

A sad and depressed Graham after he's been insulted (time and time again).

  • Never Wanted Anything So Bad by Jann Arden

Yup, that sums up Graham ... Never Wanted Anything so Bad ;)

  • It's Not About You by the Ennis Sisters

Inspires the Muse of ActionGraham ... who finally leaves and gets a real life.

  • Anything But Down by Sheryl Crow

Graham being realistic about his obsession with Arcane

  • Last Christmas by Savage Garden

A muse inspiring song, which may never get written.

  • Crash and Burn by Savage Garden

I know it, and you know it. Only Graham is always there for Arcane. Now, why doesn't Arcane know it.

  • Walk On by U2

Inspiration for a story I'm working on. Appropriately called 'All That You Can't Leave Behind'

  • Wherever You Will Go by The Calling

For once, this song seems to work for the love between Arcane and Tatania.

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