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The GeoCities Rescue Project is a project of the OTW's Open Doors committee. The goal of the project is to preserve fan fiction and other fannish websites hosted at GeoCities, a free web hosting site founded in the mid-1990s that closed on October 27, 2009.

The project was formally announced on July 13, 2009. More information can be found at the announcement post at the OTW blog or the OTW's Geocities Rescue project page. Nearly 40 sites had been rescued, according to a March 2010 post.[1]

As part of the rescue project, many fans helped to record Geocities fansites' existence in Fanlore, whether personal sites, fic archives, resource sites, links collections, or what have you. This effort is ongoing, with much of the organizing and conversation happening in the Fanlore Dreamwidth community, while people spread the word through mailing lists, LJ communities, and individual emails to Geocities site owners.


  1. comment by Heather Cook in an OTW news post, 11 March 2010.
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