South Park

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Name: South Park
Creator: Trey Parker, Matt Stone
Date(s): 1997-present
Medium: cartoon
Country of Origin: USA
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South Park is an animated sitcom that tells the adventures of four ten-year old boys (who had been eight and nine-years old in previous seasons). Known for its incredibly foul language, sexual references and satirical humor, it is supposedly directed toward more mature audiences, falling into the same genre as Family Guy and Futurama.

The four main characters are Stanley Marsh, Kyle Broflovski, Eric Cartman (usually referred to by his last name) and Kenneth McCormick, as the show normally centers around them. South Park is a small mountain town in Colorado, though it is not like other towns - strange and bizarre things often happen in South Park, such as random cavemen appearing, being attacked by a giant robot of Barbara Streisand, an affair between a five-year old Canadian and a Kindergarten teacher, as well as the constant reappearances of a Christmas poo and a towel that enjoys getting high.