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Name: Rudyard Kipling
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Occupation: author
Medium: novels, poetry
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Rudyard Kipling, by Suzan Lovett

Rudyard Kipling (30/12/1865 – 18/01/1936) was an English poet, short-story writer, and novelist. He is famous for his tales and poems of British soldiers in India. He was extremely popular in the late 19th and early 20th C; but his works have since fallen out of fashion due to their association with the British Empire and imperialism. His tales for children are on the shelves of most public libraries and have been read eagerly by generations of school age children, with whom he remains popular. Kipling received the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1907.

Kipling’s fictional works for adults include The Light that Failed, Plain Tales from the Hills, The Phantom Rickshaw and Other Eerie Tales, and The Day’s Work

His books for children include The Jungle Book, Just So Stories, Puck of Pook’s Hill, Rewards and Faries, Captain’s Courageous, Kim, and Stalky & Co.. The latter two could also be said to be aimed at an adult audience due to the themes within them.

His poetry includes "Mandalay", "The White Man’s Burden", "Gunga Din" and "If".

One of his short stories – “The Man Who Would Be King” – was turned into a film, as has Kim. The Jungle Book is an animated Disney film and is one way successive generations of children have initially accessed Kipling's works.

Recurring themes within Kipling’s work include honour and morality, friendship and loyalty, and doing one’s duty. Much of his work is noted for witty banter between characters, humour, and wry commentary on race relations (which is why Kipling's works for adults are now viewed as rooted in imperial tradition and are unfashionable).


There is at least one fan club focused on Kipling's works: The Kipling Society, founded in 1927 in the United Kingdom and still active. The Kipling Society publishes a quarterly journal, The Kipling Journal.

There does not appear to be any organised online fanfic activity for Kipling’s works. However, there is a yahoogroup "animejunglebook"[1] This group was founded in 2000 and has 82 members based on its members' love of the Disney version of this novel. It is not the most active group, but members do still post occasionally.

A search of livejournal done by fawatson on 8th January 2012 did not reveal any English-language communities focussing on Kipling's works, but did reveal an individual journal for viceroy_india titled "Plain Tales from the Hills" [2] This suggests there is a (currently disorganised and untapped) interest in Kipling.

However, a search of livejournal done on 8th January 2012 suggests there is a Russian-language community focussing on Kipling's works at ru_kipling titled "Стихи и проза Редьярда Киплинга's Journal" [3] The most recent entry to that community was made in November 2007, which suggests it is now inactive. Quick perusal of entries suggest the community was focussing on the translation of Kipling's poetry from English to Russian.

Fanfiction in different Kipling universes

A scattering of fanfiction can be found related to Kipling’s children’s novels.

Stalky & Co

  • "What Eric Never Knew"[4] by Carene
    An illicit sexualised version of the much scorned Eric or Little by Little circulates the College.
  • "Out of Bounds"[5] by fawatson .
    Stalky & Co get the best of ‘Mister’ (set during the chapter with the Tar Baby).
  • "Individually Incalculable"[7] by melodiousb
    The Padre sets Stalky & Co in motion to protect a new boy from bullying.
  • "An Awful Biznai"[8] by rusty_armour
    A crossover between Maurice and Stalky & Co. Alec and Maurice are in the trenches where they meet Brigadier Corkran; after Alec is wounded he goes to work on M'Turk's estate as a gamekeeper.
  • "King and the Maiden"[9] by Ione
    M'Turk encounters a girl who is staying at the Head's house.

The Jungle Book

  • "Jungle Favour Go With Thee"[10] by SullenSiren
    About Mowgli's life post-book.
  • "Ophidian Like Me"[11] by karrenia_rune
    Kaa instructs the younger generation about being a snake.


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