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Name: Robin Hood
Abbreviation(s): RH
Creator: Dominic Minghella and Foz Allan
Date(s): 2006–2009
Medium: television series
Country of Origin: UK
External Links: BBC; IMDb; Wikipedia; Wikia
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For other Robin Hood source texts, see Robin Hood

According to the BBC summary: "Drama series which gives a contemporary feel to the classic Robin Hood legend, focusing on Robin Hood's fight against the evil and corrupt Sheriff of Nottingham." Known for its cartoon villainy and irreverent anachronisms.

This version takes the Earl of Huntingdon origin story for Robin, while Marian ("Maz") doubles as a caped crusader, the Night Watchman. The Sheriff's sidekick, Sir Guy of Gisborne ("Giz"), is played by the popular Richard Armitage, who features in a lot of fanfiction. Other characters with a fannish following include Much, Robin's much-put-upon sidekick; Allan a Dale, spy in the camp; and Djaq, Saracen wonder-healeress.

Fannish Response

I love so many things about this show — the complexity of the characters, the moral nuances and shades of gray, the absorbing stories (in spite of their silly elements), the mix of drama and humor, the quirky sensibility … even the creative treatment of history! ...
I actually think that Robin Hood was full of moral nuances and shades of gray. Guy isn’t "all bad," and Robin and Marian are not "all good." Robin is very flawed and even dark at times, not just in his fanatical devotion to the King but in his callousness toward those who love him (especially Much). Marian is guilty of some morally questionable acts as well — not only her deceptions toward Guy but her cruel words to her father before he dies, or the fact that in 1×07 (Brothers in Arms) she allows an innocent man to be tortured and executed for something that she did (passing information to Robin). Allan, too, is full of gray areas, and Will has his darker moments. The moral complexities are part of what makes me love this show. (LadyKate)[1]


The fandom probably peaked during the first two seasons (2006–7); S3 was less popular with fans. Livejournal was a major venue. There's some overlap with other Armitage fandoms such as North and South and Spooks, and Armitage forums such as C19 host discussion and fanfiction.

Major pairings include Guy/Marian as well as the canonical Marian/Robin and Will/Djaq in het, and Guy/Robin, Robin/Much and Guy/Allan in slash. Various threesomes can also be found, including Guy/Marian/Robin, Guy/Marian/Allan and Will/Djaq/Allan.

Marian's death at Guy's hands in the S2 finale was not popular, and one widespread trope is Marian Lives! fix-it AUs. There are also fix-its for the (Almost) Everybody Dies! S3 finale. Kate, Marian's replacement as S3 love interest, wasn't very popular with some sectors of the fandom, and Kate Gets It! is another trope.

Example Fanworks

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