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You may also be looking for Program (Blake's 7 story in the Jabberwocky universe), or 5th Season (Blake's 7 zine) or Series 5 (Blake's 7 zine) or Convention Program.

Title: Program
Editor(s): Judith Seaman
Series?: yes
Medium: print
Size: digest-sized
Genre: gen
Fandom: Blake's 7
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Program is a gen Blake's 7 digest-sized zine published in the UK. It has the subtitle: "Blake's Seven: a Fifth Series." The fiction is by Judith Seaman.

It has a prequel called Aquitar. This zine series continues in Ghost.


"Only for the Avon fans. A PGP serial where Avon is the suffering hero, with new characters and twists." [1]
"I have just finished reading my FIRST zine and I thought that I would just share a few thoughts on it.

It is 'PROGRAM', a fifth series zne by Judith Seaman, 13 episodes in 5 parts. I have just finished reading Part 1. Has anyone else read it?

It was quite interesting with very good characterisations. The plot is quite complex (involving clones etc) so no-one is really sure who is who. So Blake is dead and the others escape from a federation medical space station in a ricketty little ship. But where is Orac? And why does it appear as if their escape was too easy? Why does the Federation not destroy them? What is Servalan's plan?

It is quite a gripping story. Yet there are a few interesting recurring features. The action seems to revolve around Avon completely, with the other characters present somewhat only to give Avon a stage. However although the action is Avon-centred, the thoughts of the characters are 'Blake'-centred. There are numerous references to Blake and Avon killing Blake. There was even this fascination with Blake present in Tarrant, Dayna and Soolin, none of which had ever known Blake. So although Blake is dead, his

idealism, the 'ethos' of Blake, if you want to call it that, serves to provide a framework of reference for the drama and characters."[2]
"I had occasion to correspond with the author a few years ago and was astonished to learn that she considers Blake "the worst thing that ever happened to Avon." I'd never have dreamt that in a million years, based on what she actually wrote. Which just goes to show that what a competent writer puts into a story is not always what a reader takes out of it.[3]
"I stayed up till 12.30 last night (far too late for me) reading Program by Judith Seaman. This is a four volume fifth season story in which Avon escapes from imprisonment with the Scorpio crew, but we gradually discover that some of them aren't the real people but clones programmed to betray him at a critical moment. the question is, which ones are the clones... Score four out of five."[4]

Issue 1

Program Part One was published in 1986 and is 117 pages long.

  • Program (15 pages) (episode 1; S5; reprinted from Slave #5)
  • Sanctuary (24 pages) (episode 2; S5; reprinted from Slave #6)
  • Cache (40 pages) (episode 3; S5)
  • Iota Seven (31 pages) ( episode 4; S5)
  • Skirmish (26 pages) (episode 5; S5)

Issue 2

Program Part Two was published in 1986 and is 113 pages long.

  • Deadlock (33 pages) (episode 6; S5)
  • Sacrifice (46 pages) (episode 7; S5)
  • Ambush (33 pages) (episode 8; S5)

Issue 3

Program Part Three was published in 1986 and is 122 pages long.

  • Loyalty (When the others turn against Avon, he is helpless to prevent them from abandoning him and Kleng now has direct orders to destroy the ship) (37 pages) (episode 9; S5)
  • Saviour (Elam’s return to Space Command has unexpected consequences and Avon is powerless to influence anyone’s fate) (40 pages) (episode 10; S5)
  • Obligation (Both Avon and Elam may feel that they owe Tycho a lot, but neither is free to repay him) (43 pages) (episode 11; S5)

Issue 4

Program Part Four was published in 1986 and is 117 pages long.

  • Harlequin (55 pages) (episode 12; S5)
  • Atonement (63 pages) (episode 13; S5)



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