Myrna Culbreath

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Name: Myrna Culbreath
Type: writer
Fandoms: Star Trek
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Myrna Culbreath (born 1 June 1938) was an early Star Trek fan. Before becoming involved with Sondra Marshak she was the owner and founder of The Culbreath School, a private academy in Colorado. She communicated frequently with Marshak, who then lived in Baton Rouge, concerning Star Trek. As Marshak did not feel comfortable with written correspondence and long-distance telephone charges were astronomical in those days, she persuaded Culbreath to sell her school and move in with her.

She also co-wrote and edited some commercial Star Trek books such as the early collection Star Trek: The New Voyages. With her writing partner, Marshak, she wrote four professionally published Star Trek novels, The Price of the Phoenix and The Fate of the Phoenix (for Bantam Books) and The Prometheus Design and Triangle (for Pocket Books). The pair also had a couple of stories in the New Voyages collections of short stories that many fans felt were the closest fandom ever came to professionally published slash.

In the anthology Star Trek: The New Voyages 2, Culbreath and Marshak announced plans to write a novel with Nichelle Nichols, to be called Uhura!. This book was also referred to as The Uhura Connection. They claim that getting started on this book "set her and us off on a NASA trek which helped to shape not only Uhura! but this New Voyages, with its NASA connection." (One of the stories in New Voyages 2 was written by NASA engineer Jesco von Puttkamer.) According to Ian McLean, of the website Have Phaser, Will Travel, "the book would have been a mix of fact and fiction about Nichols and Uhura, with Uhura exploring the life of her ancestor, Nichols, who had worked with NASA, among other things." (In the 1970s, Nichols worked with NASA to recruit astronauts from minority groups.) Marshak and Culbreath also planned a book called Mr. Spock's Guide to the Planet Vulcan (circa 1979), according to the "About the Authors" note in The Fate of the Phoenix. [1]

Culbreath was also the author of The Fire Bringer.

Today, Culbreath has returned to education. She is the developer of PhonicsOpoly and other games designed to teach children to read through phonics.[2]

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