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Pairing: Mulder/Krycek, Fox Mulder/Alex Krycek
Alternative name(s): M/K
Gender category: slash
Fandom: The X-Files
Canonical?: nearly
Prevalence: huge, in the past
Archives: RatB, TER/MA, the Basement, MKRA (via Wayback)
Other: M/K Slash Ring, Mulder/Krycek Multimedia Archive
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Mulder/Krycek was one of the first big slash pairings on the net. They were enemies who loved to hate each other and Mulder especially liked to get really physical when expressing his hatred. At the same time they were sometimes reluctant allies.

Betrayal, redemption, trust issues, and Mulder in denial about his attraction to Krycek were common themes in fanfic.

The motto of the Mulder/Krycek Romantics Association was: For those who know real UST when they see it! It was a comment on the often talked about Mulder/Scully UST and referred in this context to all the angry tension between Mulder and Krycek that was perceived as sexual. That fan interpretation of the character dynamic got a bit of fanservice later in canon when Krycek kissed Mulder on the cheek in the fifth season episode The Red and the Black.[1]

Notable Mulder/Krycek Works

fanfic banner for In a Dark Time
  • In a Dark Time by A. Leigh-Anne Childe was an intense M/K rewriting of the X-Files episode Sleepless. [3]
  • The Gift of an Enemy by Sylvia. When events conspire to bring Alex Krycek and Fox Mulder together once again, Mulder learns that truth can be a dangerous thing. Things are never what they seem when Krycek is involved. All this, and an X-File to solve!
  • Breathless & Solidarity by Sleeps With Coyotes. Breathless - While Mulder investigates an X-File, Krycek tracks down a runner - but when the two collide, can Mulder and Krycek work through the past and learn to work together? Solidarity - Krycek ditches Mulder to take an assignment that lands him in the center of the game, but when Mulder is asked to assist a profiler in the same area, the trail leads him into the mountains towards a terrifying secret...
  • How to Throw a Curve Ball series by Courtney Gray. Won 'Best Romance' and 'Best Series' in the Lisa e Krysa Awards 2000.

Fanart Examples


  • The Whammy Awards - X-Files slash awards given annually from 1997 to 1999 (1998?).
  • The Lisa e Krysa Awards recognise excellent in Mulder/Krycek fiction and were given annually from 1999 to 2001



Archives/Rec Sites

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