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Name: FriscoN
Dates: 1993-2000
Frequency: annual
Location: San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA
Type: non-profit, fan con
Focus: slash
Founder: Ann T & Dar F
Founding Date: 1992
URL: WayBack Archive link to 2000 Friscon FAQ
tote bag from 1993 Friscon, Somewhere Over The Rainbow
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FriscoN was an annual slash multimedia convention held annually in October in the San Francisco Bay Area, CA. It was open to people over the age of 18. As a fan-run convention, it did not have professional guests (writers/actors) and all programming was created by fans for fans. It operated on a non-profit and on an all volunteer basis.

flyer for the 2001 con that did not happen

While a 2001 con was planned, it was canceled in January of that year; its organizers explained that the task had just gotten too big to manage, especially long-distance.


Convention programming ran from Friday through Sunday, with two tracks of panels. Other events were:

  • Dealers' Room with Orphan Zine Table - open Friday through Sunday. For many years the dealer's room was run by Kathy Resch.
  • Art Show - open Friday - Saturday
  • Art & Charity Auction - The Art & Charity Auction was held on Sunday morning.
  • Music Video Contest - the Music Video Contest was often held on Saturday night.;
  • Charity* raffle;
  • Flyer Service (where fans could have the convention hand out flyers for fanzines or other conventions);
  • Costume Party & Charity Carnival - often held on Friday night.
  • Video Room (where fans could watch their favorite TV shows or songvids)
  • Murder Mystery Game.

The convention was originally held in South San Francisco but moved out of San Francisco to the East Bay in 1998.

From the convention's 2000 FAQ:

"FriscoN was conceived in 1992, when a group of friends decided it was time someone held a slash con in the gayest city in the world, San Francisco. Although none of us had ever organized a convention before, we had many years of con going experience between us, and we all knew what we liked, and disliked, about cons we had attended over the years.

Our first major decision -- after deciding we could pull it off! -- was when to hold the con. It didn't take long for us to realize that if we were going to play off San Francisco, we should take advantage of one of the city's biggest draws: Halloween. This also gave us the opportunity to hold what was to become one of the favorite activities at FriscoN: the annual Costume Contest.

Our first FriscoN, held in October 1993, went very well. So well, in fact, that it encouraged us to continue with the con."

The last Friscon was held in 2000 at which point two new conventions sprang up to take its place: Bascon held in November in the San Francisco, CA and Constrict also held in November in Las Vegas, NV. There was some controversy between the organizers of both conventions due to their scheduling their first events so close to each other. Constrict changed the next year to a July date in Las Vegas, Nevada.

[anyone have any more info??]


hand written playlist prepared by an attendee of the show. Click to read larger version.
  • Friscon 1 Vid Show tape - 1993: "This was a compilation tape of the vids played during the vid show that fans could buy after the convention. It was a short tape (they had a lot of trouble with the reproduction they used, so many vidders didn't allow their vids to be put on the final tape.) It had Quantum Leap vids by Cybel Harper and Stacey D. At the end of the tape they had two compilation videos: one, a set of very fast clips from 47 different shows to test your speed and knowledge of TV shows, and the other, a bunch of beautiful m/m moments from shows and movies, broken up into 'The Looks', the 'Touches', the 'Kisses' and the 'Embraces'.[1]


was held Oct 28-30, 1994


Friscon '95 was held on Nov 3-5, 1995 at the Doubletree Hotel, South San Francisco, CA.

The costume theme was "Outta this World". The dates of the con was the "post-Hallowe'en Weekend" (November 2-4.) From a flyer:

Rates: Memberships are $35 until May 1, 1995, $40 thereafter until limit of 90 members is reached. Includes all con activities, including the Sunday morning breakfast and a planned bus trip into San Francisco for shopping. Supporting Membership is $5.00. Sorry, no memberships will be sold at the door.Please do not send SASE's. Postage is included in your membership. Make checks payable to Ann Teitelbaum. Dealers Table: $25 each, maximum one table per person. (You may reserve a second table in case space opens up—these will be given on a first come, first served basis. You must have paid for an attending membership and the first table to be put on the list. Art Show: Space must be reserved in advance. Artists may hang a maximum of 7 pieces. There is no hanging fee, but a 10% commission will be charged on all items sold. Non- attending artists must be supporting members. Music Video Contest: Space must be reserved in advance. Video makers are limited to 3 videos, which can never have been shown at a convention.. Non-attending video makers must be supporting members.


Friscon 1996 was held Nov 1-3, 1996 at the Doubletree Hotel in South San Francisco.

1996 progress report
Friscon 1996 vid show.jpg
  • List of 1996 Art Show and Vid Show Winners, along with a post-con, there is also an extensive, chatty con report in The K/S Press #4

Art Show Winners

  • Favorite Illustration: "Green Peace" (Professionals) (Suzan Lovett?)
  • Favorite Humorous: "Excalibur, or Have I got a sword for you" (Multi-media);
  • Favorite Portrait: "Sonny Blue" (Miami Vice);
  • Favorite In Show: "Green Peace" (Professionals).

Vid Show Contest Winners

  • Most Humorous: "All For Love" (Wiseguy);
  • Most Dramatic: "Three Days" (X Files) by Morgan Dawn
  • Most Romantic: "In My Life" (Highlander);
  • Overall Favorite: "In My Life" (Highlander).


panel schedule in a progress report. Click to read
pocket guide for the 1997 convention

Friscon 1997 was held Oct 4-6, 1997 at the Doubletree Inn in South San Francisco, CA.

  • By 1997, the convention had raised $7,000 over the years for the AIDS Emergency Fund.
  • WayBack Archive link to the 1997 Friscon Web Page.[1]
  • At the 1997 convention, there were only a few men in attendance and a lot of questions about gay sex. This led to Minotaur creating his websites Sex Tips for Slash Writers and the MQA. He also began hosting open forum panels where writers could ask him questions about gay sex. "Okay, I'm in a room full of women, some of whom are *lesbians*, and we're watching my gay porn videos. I feel like I'm in a Sliders episode." -- Minotaur, at Friscon
  • A first hand review of the 1997 convention: "Fresh from FrisCon, the private convention for fan writers who enjoy the premise of their two favourite male TV or movie heroes getting into bed together: The location was a smart hotel near San Francisco airport, where staff are more used to professional travellers than Professionals fans... 90 women checked in plus the cousin of one of the con committee and his lover - they went down well, or so it was claimed... At the con party, most turned up wearing this year's theme of cowboys and indians. Winners were the boys, one wearing just a fur skirt and the other a transparent cowboy outfit, his modesty hidden beneath a very tight pair of cycling shorts - yum, yum... The latest slash zines were available in the dealers rooms, and the art show revealed recognisable characters in some very interesting positions together... The music video comp on Sunday had those magic moments set to popular songs... Top new slash show this year was US TV cop series The Sentinel, although Kirk and Spock, Starsky and Hutch, and Bodie and Doyle remain long-time favourites... The con raised over $1600 for a local AIDS charity, with my contribution for some raffle tickets winning me a set of spurs and handcuffs - wonder what I'll do with them?" [3] A more in depth 1997 convention report by Jane Mailander can be found at Friscon/Convention Reports.


page 1 of programming
page 2 of programming
vid show playlist (note: vidder's names are not included)
cover of the 1998 program with disco theme
  • 1998 Art Show & Vid Show Winners:

29 vids total were entered. Fandoms represented were: The Professionals, Wiseguy, Star Trek, Sentinel, Forever Knight, The X-Files, Babylon 5, La Femme Nikita, Man From UNCLE, In and Out (the movie), and Nash Bridges. There were also 3 multimedia videos. Taken from Morgan Dawn's personal notes (1998).

1998 Convention Reports

FriscoN a Go Go! (a blathering con report)

FriscoN a Go Go! (or "You mean there are panels going on too?")

It was way cool to meet anne and Robin, but this will be *way* too long if I go into too much detail, so I'll keep it down. Yeah right. Spent most of the nights before the con staying up really late orchestrating action figure shots for the "Hog-Tied Riker Photo Shoot" (alluded to by JK) so called because of the presence of a hog-tied Number One in almost every shot. Robin's promised to scan the photos in once she's back on Aussie time so I won't spoil the surprise (got one tonight which looks like an illo for HBP or ACT--wheeee!).

Got Robin hooked on baseball (it wasn't too difficult; the woman is sports mad) which culminated in a trip by Robin, Debra (my sister) and myself to the local batting cages. Robin out hit both Debra and I (no surprise, as neither one of us is real athletic), *and* she was with the pitching machine thingie set at top speed (60 mph). Later, Alexas visited, we watched Voyager (punctuated with wise ass remarks and Robin groaning every time Seven was on screen) and talked ASCEM(L) admin shop. Al bought all her action figures so there was more shooting (and beers and rum 'n' cokes). This is good because we got more pics, *and* it gives us an excuse to get together again (yes Al, the gang is still in the box, but they better go home soon or that Picard in the pirate leathers is going to . . . well, vanish).

Moooving right along . . .

Feeling no remorse whatsoever, I gleefully abandoned my horrible RL job, and atara and I flew into Oakland on Friday morning. Got settled, and then hooked up with Laurel, Reesa, Heather, Debra, and Robin (later Mary Ellen, Judy, JK, and Greywolf) for a bunch of hugs and then a nice relaxing sit in the sunshine. Laurel whipped out a bdsm gear catalog which we had a lovely time commenting on; can you believe that *I* was the one to notice that one of the employees (who was yawning through a mock spanking) bore a striking resemblance to JTK? Anyway, with the subject matter, the fountains in the background, and the great company, it was easy to imagine that we were hanging out in the TSU Quad, shooting the shit.

Not all of these people *looked* like I expected them to look, but most of them sounded or talked the way I expected them to. Greywolf, I hear you ask? Just like his posts, only more so.  :-) jonk and raku? Nope, sorry, that would be telling.

JK has commented on the field trip and dinner. I should add that I too have a lovely koosh mortar board tassel/whip only mine is purple. And there was this really cool little vibrator that looks like something you'd replicate in the 24th century (Janeway has one, I just know it) which somehow made its way home with us. Dinner was lovely (slow service but there was only one waitress for the whole restaurant), and we squicked some mundanes when Doc Science went into detail about hyena clits (ask only if you *really* want to know). Also, I managed to do one sort of TSU Presidential thing. Once I got everyone to simmer down, we toasted absent friends, which is to say all of you who couldn't make it. We missed you.

Saturday was rainy but who cared? Went to a couple of panels, but discovered that I really prefer a) longer panels, and b) moderated panels. I'm sure Reesa will agree that the kinky slash panel was just getting going when we had to surrender the room. And yeah, so I tried to keep the Trek panel sort of on topic. Call me a control freak, go ahead. Also did the dealers room; most disappointing for a TNG fan. Many many K/S zines, some G/B, lots of SenSlash, and Pros. I did get a nice pencil portrait of Picard (totally clothed, alas), and Atara picked up a Callisto tee shirt, but all in all a bit of a bummer. I want some TNG slash zines! I'll write for a TNG slash zine, damnit! Anyone? Bueller?

And onto the tea and the party. JK's description was pretty complete so I'll just add a little. Tons, nay, *heaps* o' food, all of it way yummy that salmon thing was heaven, the cookies were fun, there were more potables than you could shake a stick at, and it seemed like a crime to eat the lovely chocolate vulva--but I had one anyway).

Readings! Ye gods, the readings! Robin read Cam and we all sounded like a bunch of teenagers at a party, giggling every time she said a naughty word. It was the accent and the gestures that really made it so incredibly hilarious (well more hilarious than even Cam's usual wont). Mary Ellen (that was you, right Doc?) read part of her K/S meets Tolkien story (more! more!), and the list goes on. I got a treat from laura j v and got to read both "Inhale" and "Love Comes Quickly." JK shocked us by reading non slash and atara pushed the envelope (in a totally great way) by reading non Trek non slash. Also heard Reesa read "Another Saturday Night" (whew, now there's a story I'd pay to actually see) and so I followed up with "Watching Me." Lots of K/S, all of it lovely (and this is coming from me, of all people; will people forget that I mentioned a K/S idea that won't leave me alone?). Laurel's tribute to "Rude Person" was fun and made me wonder if I'd have stayed on the ng if that was the first thing *I* read. Greywolf followed that with *his* Rood Person, complete with outrageous Scottish accent (did we mention that he wore a kilt? That Judy wore this way cool desert robe? That JK wore her ears? That Mary Ellen had a tea dress? That jonk wore a most curious adornment? That Heather wore velour "interactive" clothing? That Debra out girlyed everyone in basic black with pearls? That Laurel has killer tats and a pierced navel? That, yes, anne really does have those oft mentioned black cowboy boots? That Robin wore bike shorts, a sports bra, a tails jacket, black boots, and fingerless gloves. That my lovely wife looked stunning in a flowy batik tunic? That I did the leatherdyke thing?). Much discussion of works in progress and such like also ensued.

Sunday was notable for lots of sleeping in, and a great lunch with some of the folks. We also had a nice pool side conversation with some PKSP people and then there were many good bye hugs and we went off to the airport. MANY THANKS (and a P/Q TIM in progress) go out to Reesa for taking pity on us and giving us a lift. And again, mondo thanks to certain parties for not killing me when I almost flew off with their car keys (SORRY DEBRA!). Yes I really did leave Debra's keys in my bag and yes, the plane doors were almost closing before I handed them over to an attendant.

And so to home and sniffling Monday night as Debra made ready to drive Robin to the airport. Major post con let down due to the fact that my job from hell was in mid audit when I got back and no one had done any of my work.

Thanks to those who sent their work to speak for them even though they couldn't be there. Thanks to our incredible hosts (jonk and raku, and Her Honor and Doc Science). Thanks to Debra's friend for those oh so special brownies. Thanks to everyone who made a hotel in a Bay Area suburb feel like a Smut U campus (although I really wish the Regent and his "friend" could have showed).

Hey look! *Only* two pages. And yes, the others will attest to the fact that I *do* talk like this, only at warp factor 9. [4]
What was it like to meet everyone? Well, I'd met a few people before, so I had already learned that people are generally not much like the pictures I make up to go with their posts. I had imagined Greywolf as one of those guys who practically has to shave his eyelids: wrongo. Think long-haired hobbit and you'll be closer to the mark, though I never did check for hairy toes. Robin has accused me of being tall, which is odd to my mind (I'm just as tall as Shatner); I wonder what she imagined. No-one turned out to be more girly than I had visualized, though several were more butch; but then I was the only one who went for the whole tea-party-with-Her-Majesty rig for the FaculTea, so that may say something about me. But "girly" is not a word I've often heard in connection with myself . . .


Clearly, JK had more of the mind-altering items that I did. My overall impression of the readings: it will be months, if not years, before I stop hearing Janeway with an Australian accent. If any of you ever get a chance to hear Robin L read anything funny, don't let her escape. And Greywolf does a shall we say bang-up job on the naughty bits; his way of saying "pinched his nipples" seems to have stuck to my brain. Personally I think I do especially well at reading the angsty parts, with cussing, but that's my own horn. <toot toot>

After each piece was read the room rocked with great cheers, clapping, howls of glee, etc. People only made a lot of noise *during* the readings for the funny pieces (both Cam's & Jen's featured lots of audience participation), while during the sex scenes the room got very very quiet -- almost as though each listener was off in hir own private Idaho. I hope Read-Aloud Time becomes a tradition at any large gathering of ASCEMites, as it really makes the circle of storytellers real, whether you're there in person or can only phone it in. Too bad we couldn't have a fire to sit around, but we were trying to stay on the hotel's good side.

Lessee, interesting topics discussed included:

Who would you be in the Mirror Universe? Judygran would still be a lawyer, but for Paramount/Viacom and wearing a thousand-dollar suit. Anne I can't remember, but I think it involved frills and high heels. Jungle Kitty was going to collect Precious Moments statuettes. They said I should be a Creation Scientist, but there are things my mind just can't wrap itself around, so we agreed I'd be running the Psychic Friends Network. raku we figured for a particularly grody biker, though maybe with A-M-O-R on one set of knuckles, phi-omicron-beta-omicron on the other. Heather would still be an intern, but a really nasty vicious backstabbing one.

Why do the stories on ASCEM not obey Sturgeon's Law ("Nine-tenths of everything is crap")? Two possibilities, not mutually exclusive: that the totality of Internet porn more than obeys the Law, but most of the good stuff ends up in our neighborhood; and that beta-reading, especially the no-holds-barred variety I call "Beta-Reading for Blood", improves the quality of everyone's work enormously.

Are there any *practicing* Mormons or Roman Catholics on the ng? Stand up, don't be shy, IDIC/IPIC/YMMV are our mottoes. We figure there are lots of practicing Jews and Wiccans (sometimes the same people), at least one Buddhist, and a smattering of your more left-wing Protestants. Not to mention the atheists. The human ST characters have no conventional religion in canon (is this true? except for Chakotay, but his spirituality is rather on the New Agey side, and he is in many ways structurally non-human: only one name, and his face looks funny), presumably because TPTB are wimps, but might they follow a religion in fanfic?

And while driving around questing for food and drink, Judith and I came across a storefront proclaiming "TSU Staffing" -- but we weren't able to get everyone over there for a group shot.

No doubt I have babbled on enough. It was great to see those of you I saw, I missed those of you I didn't see, Shore Leave '99 is July 9-11, and it's good to be back.

Love, Mary Ellen, Doctor Science, MA [5]


1999 flyer
cover of the 1999 program guide
1999 programming
  • 1999 Convention, the 7th Friscon, was named "Friscon 007: The Spy Who Loved Me"
  • The charity drive raised $2815 for the AIDS Emergency Fund
  • Reviews of the 1999 Convention are here[6] and here.[7] A review of the 2000 convention is here.[8]
  • The 1999 vid show was organized by Noel Silva. List of vids shown: "There were 21 vids total. 5 X-files vids from Carol S. and 5 vids by Dementia Ink. 2 anonymous Highlander vids: "Without You" by Harry Nilsson and "Love Hurts" by Nazareth. Mary Comstock offered 5 vids: "Nobody Does It Better", "Catch the Wind" by Donovan, and 'Little Red Riding Hood' by Sam the Sham - all (Pros). Her other two vids were: 'Matchmaker Matchmaker' to ST:TNG and 'Highly Illogical' (sung by Leonard Nimoy) to ST:TOS. Stacey D had 2 Wiseguy vids: "I Can't Help Falling in Love" by UB40 (Vinnie/Frank) and "As Long As You Love Me" by Backstreet Boys (Roger/Vinnie). I asked them to show 2 of my vids that had been shown before - a Starsky & Hutch vid and one set to Loreena McKennitt's music for the movie Titanic." Morgan Dawn, personal notes (1999).
1999 Vid Show Playlist page 1
1999 Vid Show Playlist page 2
    • Most Dramatic: "Who Wants to Live Forever" (Hercules) by Dementia, Ink.
    • Most Romantic: Till There was You" (The Sentinel) by Dementia, Ink.
    • Most Humorous: The Cockroach That Ate Cincinnati" (X-Files) by Basement Productions.
    • Most Matching Theme: "Affair of the Heart" (Man from UNCLE) by Dementia, Ink.
    • Overall Favorite: Till There was You" (The Sentinel) by Dementia, Ink.
    • Favorite Portrait/Illustration: "Ecstasy" by Larrkin (The Sentinel)
    • Favorite Romantic: "Wrapped In Sunlight" by Suzan Lovett(Man From UNCLE)
    • Favorite Erotic: "Call of the Wild" by Suzan Lovett (The Sentinel)
    • Favorite Humorous: "Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid" byJane Mailander (The Sentinel)
    • Favorite In Show: "Bayliss Chronicles" by Suzan Lovett (Homicide)

1999 Convention Reports

Here's my con report. If I misspelled anyone's name or forgot to mention someone, please accept my apologies.

I arrived at San Francisco airport a little past noon on Thursday and found my way to Pleasanton, the site of the con, by public transportation. It was a bit tricky with changing trains and all, but not difficult. I had the instructions provided by the con with me and managed just fine. I took a taxi from the BART station to the Motel 6 across the street from the con host hotel and spent the night. On Friday morning, after breakfast at the close-by Denny's, I walked over to The Four Points Hotel and had the front desk stow my bag until I could check in.

At the registration desk, I met the first person whose name was familiar, Mary Ellen Curtin. Shortly, after that Reesa came up, and we went to sit in the hotel lobby until the Dealer's room was open. Mary Ellen introduced us to Judith Gran's daughter and explained that Judith had gone with Arachnethe2 and Vanasati to pick up Greywolf from the Oakland Airport. I had the chance to meet them a little later in the afternoon over in the Hospitality suite.

I went to the front desk to check in and found to my surprise that Dina Lerret, who was rooming with me and my sister, had beat me to it. Once I got settled in the room, I went to find her and to look for another friend. Fortunately, the con name badges were bright yellow and easy to read. <g> I was sitting out on the patio talking with Dina and Britta Matthews, the other I had been looking for, when my sister found me.

The first panel that I attended was titled, AU's and Crossovers. I enjoyed the panel, but if I had a complaint to make about it and some of the others it would be that they were unmoderated. There was no one there to keep the discussions going and steer it back when it went off-track. I did go to two panels on Saturday that were moderated, and they went more smoothly.

We had pizza provided by the con and went to the music video contest on Friday evening. This was my sister's first slash con, but she fit right in and had a ball. After a quick run with Britta, who had driven, for some liquid libations, we spend the rest of the evening as we would most of our time at the con, sitting on the patio talking.

The Voyager panel on Saturday morning was nice. Britta, Dina and I were a bit afraid that we would be the only ones in attendance. <g> Several others showed up and we had a lively hour of discussion. Everyone there pretty much agreed that we don't care for the way that Janeway is being written.

Stuart Carroll's M/M sex panel was next. I do believe that it was the most popular panel of the con. We could have gone on for more than an hour asking questions, that's for certain. Mary Ellen's panel at 2 PM was also very interesting. I may not have agreed with all of her hypothesis, but it made for a lively discussion.

I looked at the art show and made several trips through the dealer's room during the day. Saturday evening started with sandwiches and chips in the Hospitality suite. Then on to the best part of all, the TSU party in Mary Ellen's room. There were fanfic readings, both humorous and dramatic. I, myself, chose my funny P/K story, Mr. Popular, to read out-loud. I hadn't done that before, and it was amazing how red my face became when I got to the naughty bits. <g> I also got to meet Jungle Kitty and Karmen Ghia that had come, but didn't attend the convention. I toddled off to bed around midnight, but heard that the party went on for quite a while longer. I'm sure someone else will fill you in on the rest.

Sunday, my sister and I had the breakfast provided by the con. Then with Dina in tow, we headed out for the city. I won't bore you all with the details of what we did in San Francisco, but the highlight of the day was being insulted by a drag queen on the street. Dina had gone off to do some exploring on her own, so it was just me and my sister at this point. We had our jackets with us, but tied with the sleeves around our waists as it was too warm to actually wear them. We passed by three lovely, pseudo-women <g>, and they walked behind us up the street. I heard one of them say, "Look at those jackets. Aren't *they* classy?" I didn't say anything back, though and kept my reputation as a nice person in tact. ;-)

Sunday evening was spent sitting around on the patio by the fountain talking, laughing, and generally enjoying the company. We bid good-bye to Britta and Stuart on Sunday night, and Dina on Monday morning. My sister and I spent the day in San Francisco again, and I returned home on Tuesday.

I had a marvelous time. It was a great joy to meet everyone in person. Now, I have a few faces to put with the names I see on the net. Don't be surprised to see a post pop up soon with the name SkeaterJ on it, that's my sister. She's already signed up for ASCEML. <g> [9]
This will be very brief because I didn't actually attend the con! Based on my past two years' experience, Friscon is a great place to get together with your buddies but not much in the way of dealer's room or panels. So I went to room parties and hung out with people.

Laurel & I had a great time as roomies. She had a tape of "The Outrage" a really unwatchable movie where WS looked gorgeous, so we watched the unwatchable. We were joined by Karmen, Greywolf, Reesa, Arachnethe2, Judith, Vanasati, and Erik. Karmen told us that this movie is studied in film school. I can only hope they're watching it so they know what not to do, but I don't think so. Also viewed Alex T. Great, LN's butt in Catlow, and White Comanche.

Robin called from Australia in the middle of the ATG underwear scene, so GW narrated it for her and did a wonderful job. I was very impressed, because despite several viewings, that scene always reduces me to stupefaction. (Although I do manage to blurt out, "Look at his butt!" As if anyone was NOT looking at his butt.)

Oh yeah, I brought the Spanking List, suitably framed.  ;-D

On to the story party. In addition to the folks from the WS vid festival, others in attendance were Mary Ellen, Britta, Stuart, AKite and her sister, and a few people whose names I never learned. Was Dina there? I really wanted to say hi to her and never saw her.

Greywolf had brought a copy of "Kirk and Spock Go Ice Fishing [10]," which he asked me to read aloud so he could hear it with the accent. I was very flattered and complied, of course. Doesn't take much to get me up in front of a crowd, doncha know.

Lots of good stories, both silly and serious.

After the party, Laurel and I went back to our room and started gabbinb and the front desk called saying our neighbors had complained that our voices were too loud. What? We weren't even screaming "Look at his butt!" But that made it more like a pajama party, since after that we had to whisper and laugh into the pillows.

Spent Sunday afternoon with Karmen & Reesa, and found GW, Arachnethe2, and Vanasati later on. Everyone can do the Vulcan salute except me. But I got my revenge--I conned GW into trying to do the same hand trick that he hurt himself doing last year. Heh heh heh. [11]
Technically, this isn't a con report. This is me telling you why you should start saving your money, your vacation time, and your marital karma so that you can get you butt to next year's Friscon. You have no idea how much fun it really, really is.

Picture this, I got to sit around all weekend long and have these really great slashy conversations with various TSU members: Mary Ellen, Judith, A Kite, Arachnethe2, Vanasati , Jungle Kitty, Laurel, Karmen, and Greywolf.

I got to hear some really incredible stories read out loud by their authors. Hell, Greywolf is so fantastic reading aloud, I could have listened to him reading the phone book and it would have been incredible! And, yes, it was really funny to see and hear A Kite as she read her story aloud for the first time and realized how incredibly smutty it sounds that way!

Not only that but I was shown by Arachnethe2 and Vanasati some really smutty K/S artwork in the various 'zines they had purchased. My, my, my. Was it warm in that hotel room or was it just me? Then I had the pleasure of viewing all 100 or so pictures of Nimoy purchased by Vanasati with the appropriate giggliness that can only be attained when you are sitting around with two Spock lovers after a long weekend of slashy fun. (By the way, Vanasati, I did get the Nimoy naked butt picture you sent. It was quite a treat after an incredible crummy day at work. Thanks so much!)

If I hadn't had to take nap (jet-lag...I'm such a lousy traveler), I wouldn't have missed Robin's phone call and hours of video showcasing the high points of William Shatner's film career. Actually, that last part isn't too much a tragedy. I came in at the end of one of the movies (who's title I have blocked from my mind), and while the comments made by JK, GW, Laurel, Karmen, and Erik were wicked funny, I have a feeling that more than an hour of Shatner "acting" in something other than Trek would have warped me for life. (Okay, warped me further.)

In addition to hanging out with TSUers, I did manage to attend panels on (gasp!) other fandoms. In fact, I think I hit more panels than any other TSUer (part of that was due to last year's chilly reception from the 'zine fans, which was not repeated this year). I met so many other great people who have a similar interest in pairing up those oh-so-slashable couples. And this gets me to the really reasons why you should go to a slash con.

I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm not "out" in my real life about my slash obsession. Mostly because I just have no desire to try to explain it to some one who doesn't get it. In my opinion, you get it or you don't. But for one brief shining weekend (in San Fran, not Camelot), I didn't need to explain it to anyone. They were all there because the got it. So, you can image how great it is to just be able to turn to someone and say, "McCoy is the most under used, slashable character on TOS. I just don't get it." And have someone respond not only immediately to your question, but to your tone of voice, body language, and even attitude. No waiting for evil mail servers to relay message. No missed interpretation of what you really meant. BAM! Question asked, question answered, new question posed. I got to do this in a whole lot of fandoms with a whole lot of different slashers. Basically, I was in slash heaven.

So that's my little con report and my only little pep talk get everyone motivated for next year. Trust me you can never start planning too early for Friscon! Besides if you show up, you might get to see the one-act TOS play that Jungle Kitty and I started writing in the parking lot as we were saying good bye. On second thought that may be a pretty good reason to stay away. It was really, really silly, and not it a good way! Guess you'll just have to come next year to find out if it really happens. [12]
[excerpts from a very long con report by Jungle Kitty, see the link for the rest]: First of all, I'm not sure this is a con report. I attended only two con events. The rest of the time I hung out with ASCEM/L or TOS folks.

This is probably more like Jungle Kitty's Memoirs of a Fabulous Weekend. I hope others will feel like sharing their experiences.

This is a very small, informal con, compared to Shore Leave (my only frame of reference for cons). The panels don't have moderators or speakers. Just people in a room chatting and only half an hour long, due to the large number of fandoms represented. This is a slash con, not just Star Trek. A bunch of us went to the K/S panel, which drove the other people right out of the room, with a couple of exceptions. And we hadn't even said much of anything yet. Well, let's not get into that.... [snipped] LATER THAT NIGHT...

Screened CptnsWoman's K/S music video, "Something to Talk About." (Also did this the next day in the con video room.) Everyone loved it, and I encourage you to send her your thanks and feedback.... [snipped] Once we got Robin reading, we almost never let her stop. She does all the facial expressions and body language. And I personally prefer Janeway with an Australian accent.

Judith didn't read but told us the plot of her Legends of K/S story. It will blow everyone's doors off when it's written.

And just to put the whole thing over the top, Robin and Judith read and *acted out* Robin's "Bedtime Story."

Also had fun shop talk, like "Tell us the story that's on your hard drive that will never be finished."

Never did get around to listening to the various selections of Music to Write Treksmut By. The party went on til 3 or 4 in the morning, depending on whether or not you remembered to set your clock back.

This incredible bash was hosted by Judith and Mary Ellen. <A deafening round of applause for our hostesses> [13]


2000 flyer
Friscon 8 badge
  • 2000: A satirical look at how strange fan fun conventions could look to an new attendee who was more used to commercially run conventions. Trekiverse: Rude Person Parodies: Rude Person Goes To Friscon [14]
  • 2000: Members of TSU announced a room party: "On Saturday, October 28 at Friscon, Kaki and I will host the Third Annual TrekSmut University (TSU) Friscon Reunion Party in our room at the Four Points. As always, the party will feature Read Aloud Story Time, when TrekSmut authors read as-yet unposted stories to the assembled company. There will be other activities depending on interest, plus a lot of conversation ranging from raucous to serious. Drinks and snacks will be provided. The fun will probably begin around 8 PM, but we're flexible. (The TSU party at Shoreleave last July broke up around 5 AM.)"[15]
  • 2000 Panel List (up to 3 panels for each 30 minute time slot):
    • Friday:
      • 11:00- Sports Night/Farscape/Harsh Realm.
      • 11:30: Houston Knights/Slashing loners/La Femme Nikita.
      • 12:00: World War II series/Law & Order/Roswell.
      • 12:30: What makes a blockbuster movie?/Season/series finales that make you want to kill/How detailed should sex scenes be?.
      • 12:30 Briefing for the Friscon Murder Mystery "Murder Most Toonish".
      • 1:00pm: Once A Thief/Creative use of household & hardware products as toys/ Quantum Leap.
      • 1:30:Hurt/comfort/Is the internet changing fandom?/Star Trek: Deep Space 9.
      • 2:00pm:Is professional gay fic better or worse than fanfic?/Queer As Folk 2: good as first, were you satisfied?/Due South (until 3pm).
      • 2:30: Slash and what turns you on/off/Medical accuracy in fanfic.
      • 3:00pm: Kindred: The Embraced/Man From UNCLE/Star Wars: The Phantom Menace (until 4pm).
      • 3:30: Forever Knight/Oz.
      • 4:00pm: Best fannish sites on the World Wide Web/Hercules/Stargate: SG1 (until 5).
      • 4:30: Why do gay/bi women enjoy m/m slash?/Wiseguy.
      • 5:00pm: Men in slash fandom: Does it change anything?/Star Trek: K/S/Gundam Wing.
    • Saturday:
      • 9:00am: Highlander: Was Endgame the end? (until 10)/Print zines vs. netfic: pros and cons.
      • 9:30: Slashing secondary characters.
      • 10:00:The Professionals (until 11)/Babylon 5/TiVo demonstration in the Hospitality Suite from 10-11am.
      • 10:30: Robin of Sherwood.
      • 11:00: Yaoi vs. 'traditional' slash (until 12)/Gladiator/Pros fans: get your picture taken with Doyle's jacket in the Hospitality Suite from 11am-noon.
      • 11:30am: Xena.
      • 12:00pm: X-Files (until 1)/Blake's 7.
      • 12:30pm: X-Men.
      • 1:00pm: Buffy & Angel (until 2)/New season shows.
      • 1:30pm: Problems unique to following "small" fandoms.
      • 2:00: The Sentinel (until 3)/Vampires.
      • 2:30: Starsky & Hutch. 3:00pm: Kink (until 4)/West Wing.
      • 3:30pm: Star Trek: Voyager.
      • 4:00pm: M/M sex panel led by Minotaur (until 5).


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