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Synonyms: Thing-a-Thon, thingathon
See also: challenge, gift exchange, fest
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A ficathon is a challenge in which each participant is assigned to write fanfic based on another participant's request.

Sometimes stories are posted anonymously for a period of time, after which the authors are revealed. Other ficathons do not keep the authors' identities a secret after stories are posted.

If such a challenge allows participants to offer and request various types of fanworks (such as fanart or icons) and not just fanfic, it is usually called a Thing-a-Thon or just exchange, as e.g. the Trek Exchange community.

Ficathon Communities

There are several livejournal communities where new ficathons can be announced.

  • multificathon -- "A community to pimp any kind of ficathon you can think of."
  • seasonsficcings -- "Season's Ficcings is a community with two purposes: to provide a master list of as many holiday fanfic exchanges as possible, and to give people the opportunity to promote their exchanges."
  • _challenged_ -- "_Challenged_ is meant to be a multi-fandom, fanfiction ficathon tracking service"
  • hp_ficathons -- "If you are running a challenge, a fest or a ficathon in the HP fandom - however formal or informal, however large or small, for art/fiction/essays - feel free to make your announcements here."
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