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Name: FK Fic Fest
Date(s): 2010 - present (annual)
Founder: brightknightie & amilyn
Type: fan fiction gift exchange
Fandom: Forever Knight
Associated Community: FK Fic Fest (LJ), (Dreamwidth)
URL: AO3 FK Fic Fest Collection
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FK Fic Fest is a LiveJournal/Dreamwidth community that, since 2010, has run an annual ficathon for exclusively Forever Knight-based fan fiction. For the first two years, its moderators were brightknightie and amilyn. Since then, the former has been sole moderator.

The community debuted on LiveJournal on 11 October 2009 with the intention of holding a fan fiction ficathon in the spring of 2010, with the stories to be made available starting in the week of 18 May 2010. This date was selected as the fourteenth anniversary of the first airing of the series finale, "Last Knight".[1]

In 2011, in advance of a second ficathon, FK Fic Fest became jointly a Dreamwidth and LiveJournal community, with admin posts made on both sites. At that time, stories were posted to the community (the member deciding whether LJ or DW), with admin posts providing cross-links for readers. However, an archive for FK Fic Fest stories was also created within Archive of Our Own (AO3). From 2012, stories are uploaded directly to the archive, with only admin posts and story announcements being posted to LiveJournal and Dreamwidth.

In 2012, the ficathon was expanded to allow participants to create visual works of art in fulfilment of their prompt. In the event, everyone wrote fiction. However, a picture was created in 2013 by one of the players.


As FK Fic Fest is run on LiveJournal and Dreamwidth, where userpics are normally employed by members for visual identification, a set of such icons was created by brightknightie for use by the moderators. She also created the ficathon's logo, and the header for the community's site.

Used by any moderator speaking for the community as a whole.
Used by brightknightie as co-moderator (2010-2011)
Used by amilyn as co-moderator (2010-2011)

Used by brightknightie as sole moderator (from 2012).


There were 20 participants, who produced 22 stories with a minimum 1000 word count.[2] In addition, the moderators wrote drabbles as "party favours" for those who completed fully-formatted uploaded stories by the posting deadline.[3] As surprise last-minute gifts for brightknightie, several of the participants wrote additional stories, mostly quite short.[4]

The stories were posted, two a day (except for longer fiction), from 18-29 May. The party favours and gifts to brightknightie were posted 30 May.

FK Fic Fest Stories

Party Favours

These are true 100-word drabbles. Collectively posted here.

  • "The Hard Way" by brightknightie
  • "Adrenaline Rush" by amilyn
  • "Conditional Love" by brightknightie
  • "Impending" by amilyn
  • "Full House" by brightknightie
  • "Impossible" by amilyn
  • "Old Scars" by brightknightie
  • "To Catch You When You Fall" by amilyn
  • "Mnemonic" by brightknightie
  • "Outside is Frightful" by amilyn
  • "If You Love, Let Go" by brightknightie
  • "Appreciation in Instants" by amilyn
  • "Just Desserts" by brightknightie
  • "Statement of Faith" by amilyn
  • "The Dying of the Light" by leela_cat

Presents for brightknightie

These were solicited and posted by amilyn to thank brightknightie, who had done the lion's share of organizing the ficathon.

  • And the Weight of Night Upon My Shoulders by skieswideopen (500 words)
    A cure for vampirism seems to be available, but there's an impassable moral obstacle.
  • The Cup by natmerc (100 words.)
    A cure for vampirism seems to be available, but there's an impassable moral obstacle.
  • Dream in Darkness, Dream of Light by greerwatson (100 words)
    Nick/Marian Blackwing
  • Dreaming Spires by greerwatson (568 words)
    Nick and Helen Ruskin-Slater.
  • Heart's Blood by leela_cat (200 words)
    A cure for vampirism seems to be available, but there's an impassable moral obstacle.
  • Long Distance Friend by merfilly (100 words)
    Sequel to "1966".
  • A Modest Proposal by greerwatson (221 words)
    A cure for vampirism seems to be available, but there's an impassable moral obstacle. Nick & Feliks Twist, mpreg.
  • Full of Grace by amilyn (800 words/eight connected drabbles)
    Natalie suggests a new route to a cure.
  • July 22, 1916 by wiliqueen (1228 words)
    Prequel to "Cherry Blossoms" flashback.
  • New Here? by twilight2000 (794 words)
    Charles DuChamps and Nick, 1952. Backstory to "Blood Money".
  • Can I Get You a Cuppa? by twilight2000 (1090 words)
    Sequel to "New Here?"
  • One of the Few by greerwatson (1100 words)
    Gordon & Katherine Barrington. Backstory to the flashback in "Forward into the Past".


There were 18 participants,[5] who produced 20 stories with a minimum 1000 word count.[6] The stories were released at a rate of two a day (except for longer stories), starting on 17 July 2011.

FK Fic Fest Stories

Listed in the order released:

Party Favours

As in the previous year, the moderators wrote a 100-word drabble for everyone who completed a fully-formatted, queued story before the deadline. Collectively posted here on 29 July 2011.

  • "While the Other Survives" by brightknightie for twilight2000
  • "Breakfast in Bed" by amilyn for greerwatson
  • "No Place Like" by brightknightie for leela_cat
  • "A Good Decade" by amilyn for merfilly
  • "Rapprochement" by brightknightie for waltd
  • "The 27th Airborne" by amilyn for friendshipper
  • "Only the Medium" by brightknightie for lastscorpion
  • "For All Time" by amilyn for pj1228
  • "As Many Facets" by brightknightie for gnosticdiva
  • "We'll Have to Get Together and Talk" by amilyn for deire
  • "Red in Tooth and Claw" by brightknightie for lafenris
  • "Possession is Nine-Tenths of the Law" by amilyn for foxy11814
  • "Catharsis" by brightknightie for malinaldarose
  • "Music of the Night Sky" by amilyn for brightknightie
  • "Not Strangers" by brightknightie for sure_i_am
  • "Investigative Reporter" by amilyn for lastscorpion


There were 13 participants,[7] each of whom produced a story at least 1000 words long.[8] All stories were submitted on time, so no pinch-hitters were needed. From 30 July to 6 August, they were released two a day, organized so that readers would get stories of different types summing to more or less 6K words. The three novelettes (over 10K words) were released over the weekend.

FK Fic Fest Stories

Listed in the order released:

Party Favours

As in previous years, there were 100-word drabbles for everyone who completed and posted a story by the deadline. These were written by three authors (who uploaded their drabbles to AO3 in separate collective posts). The party favours were released on 7 August 2012 after all the stories.[9]

  • "Stellar Drift"[36] by amilyn for Deire
  • "Served Cold"[37] by amilyn for foxy11814
  • "Dark Days"[38] by amilyn for hearts_blood
  • "Matchmaking"[39] by amilyn for waltd
  • "Spinning Yarns"[40] by amilyn for malinaldarose
  • "Home Fires"[41] by amilyn for skieswideopen
  • "The Long Game"[42] by amilyn for twilight2000
  • "Long Ago and Far Away"[43] by skieswideopen for brightknightie
  • "We All Fall Down"[44] by skieswideopen for Greer Watson
  • "Backwards and In Corsets"[45] by skieswideopen for MelissaTreglia
  • "The Fix is In"[46] by Amy R. (brightknightie) for Amilyn
  • "Entropy"[47] by Amy R. (brightknightie) for Natmerc
  • "Unsinkable"[48] by Amy R. (brightknightie) for PJ1228
  • "Allotted Span"[49] by Amy R. (brightknightie) for mayhavefakedit


There were thirteen players, one of whom (for the first time in the ficathon) created an illustration rather than write a story. Although only ten completed their assignment by the deadline, the others delivered thereafter; so no pinch-hits were required. The stories and illustrations were released two a day from 29 July to 4 August, organized so that readers would get stories of different types each day. The illustration was paired with the longest of the stories.

For the first time, no party favours were written for the players.

Stories and Illustrations

Listed in the order released:


  1. The reason for choosing this date is stated in the first post on the FK Fic Fest community.
  2. A linked alphabetical list of the 22 stories from FK Fic Fest 2010 can be found in the Closing Ceremonies post.
  3. This restriction is explained in the collective "Party Favors" post for the drabbles.
  4. Collected in two posts, [1] and [2].
  5. Fourteen of the players had taken part in the 2010 FK Fic Fest, and five were new. One player had to drop out.
  6. A linked alphabetical list of the 20 stories from FK Fic Fest 2011 can be found in the Closing Ceremonies post.
  7. After making the matches, the moderator sent out prompts to the recipients on 27 May 2012. However, it then turned out that LiveJournal had failed to post one of the sign-ups. A week's extension was made in the successful hope of eliciting another person so that there could be a match for the additional player.
  8. A linked alphabetical list of the 20 stories from FK Fic Fest 2011 can be found in the Closing Ceremonies post.
  9. A list of all party favours and their locations can be found here on the FK Fic Fest LiveJournal site.
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