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Name: Devacon
Dates: 1992-1996
Location: Chester, UK
Type: fan con
Focus: slash
Founder: Sandi Chapman
Founding Date:
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Devacon was a small fan run slash convention that took place in the early 1990s in the UK.

It averaged around 35 to 50 attendees.

The convention also put out a con zine, Friends Will Be Friends (ex. Issue #4 was released in connection with Devacon 4 in 1995).

Among the many amusements at the convention, fans would gather at a local Pizza Hut and scribble round robins on paper napkins.





One fan remembers the 1995 con:
I rediscovered Starsky and Hutch only last March at my first multi-media"/" convention. (Devacons 3 and 4 in Chester were very enjoyable weekends). On the journey to the con I found myself hoping I would find S/H zines, although I don't know why; K/S was my reason for attending, and I hadn't thought about David or Paul since my schooldays. Fortunately, the zine trilogy "One More Mountain", "One More River" and "No Easy Answers" was on sale in the dealer's room. Although I had never seen "Sweet Revenge" and thought the shooting was "fan-fictional", I thought the story was wonderful and couldn't put down the zines until I had devoured every word. [1]


1st-3rd November 1996, Stafford Hotel, City Road, Chester.

For those of you who have never attended a DEVACON before, it is a multi-media convention at which the '/' takes precedence. It is also probably the most laid-back, unstructured convention you are likely to find. Formal programming is kept to a minimum, the emphasis is on a chance to absorb and exchange ideas in a setting free of all external interruptions and with a bunch of like-minded people. Of course, you will still find the usual con-related events, like discussion groups, videos, a dealers' room, zine library and writers' workshop.

All fandom's are welcome, regardless of size, age, origin or improbability - and you would be amazed at how often the cry of "I thought I was the only one who sees that....!' goes up. [2]


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