One More River

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Title: One More River
Publisher: 10-13 Enterprises
Author(s): Terri Beckett and Chris Powers
Cover Artist(s): Nimue
Illustrator(s): Louise Davis and Nimue
Date(s): 1983
Medium: print
Genre: slash
Fandom: Starsky and Hutch
Language: English
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cover by Nimue

One More River is a slash, 194-page Starsky and Hutch novel by Terri Beckett and Chris Powers.

It contains a very early, if not the earliest, Starsky and Hutch threesomes.

This zine won an Encore Award.

The Trilogy

It is part of "The Red Light Trilogy:

From the Writers

One More Mountain is not S/H. It is, however, the first part of our Red Light Universe. The second part will be published this summer, and it is S/H. That is provisionally titled One More River. The third part (don't ask when!) will be No Easy Answers. Have we got that (forgive the word) straight? I'll state here and now that anyone who feels strongly about / in a relationship, or who may be offended by explicit scenes, should NOT order either OMR or NEA. [1]

Interior Art Gallery

These are a few selected images:

Reactions and Reviews

As we open One More River, Hutch is in a bad mood again. Starsky had to move in with him since Starsky's place was trashed. Hutch's temporary partner is trying to not make the situation worse. They stop by Starsky's for lunch and the detective has turned into Michelangelo, painting his ceiling. It's definitely a rather interesting lunch. And the evening doesn't turn out much better. They're tense and at each other's throats. It's just the tension getting to them. They make up soon enough and have a grand birthday party for Starsky. And what's a good birthday without a threesome? Party time! And that's what gets them to open up to more than they admitted to before. But it's not an easy road because getting your head wrapped around the truth takes time. Starsky starts going through women like he's scanning the LA County phone book. Plus, there's still Jaqi that Hutch is involved with. But for all the running away they do, they run back towards one another at double the speed. Plus, they're still witty and much fun... They have a wonderful vacation together, full of love and laughter and just being together. This is what Me and Thee is all about. But they have to go back to the real world soon enough and with it brings real world problems. And Starsky's going to be the one who pays for a case gone wrong. [2]


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  2. a 2005 comment at Crack Van
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