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Personal Fanfiction Website
Website: Bridget's Homepage
Author: Bridget
Dates: 1999-2004
Fandom: Star Trek: Voyager, original slash

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Bridget's Homepage featured her Voyager fanfiction and her explicit original slash.

The site was a member of the Chakotay/Paris Slash Ring and The Star Trek Slash Ring.


  • The Apprenticeship Series: Cat Got Your Tongue, Just a Cup of Coffee, Nasty Habit, Where Angels Fear to Tread, One Small Step, Quintessence, Sweet Baby James, You Bet Your Life.
  • Life's Challenges
  • From Here To Where?


  • Compliance (PG-13) A first kiss in a shuttle craft.
  • Collective of One (G) Discussion in the aftermath of Night.
  • Thinking Out of the Cube (PG-13) Seven is confused about the Captain's motives for purging the Doctor's memory files. Spoilers for Latent Image.
  • Unknown Substance (G) Seven needs convincing of the restorative powers of gum.
  • The Psycho-Dynamics of Chewing (PG-innuendo and curse words) Seven has Tom teach her bubble gum. Everything doesn't go smoothly.
  • Stuck On You (G) P/7, C Third and last in the Gum Saga.

Older stories with a Seven influence:

  • A Kiss is Just a Kiss (PG-13) An interlude in Seven's Cargo Bay. A part of the I Love Paris Series.
  • What's New? C/P/7 (R, for about a minute) It all starts with Chakotay on a shuttle mission...


  • Season V Series (C/P PG to R) This series follows Chakotay and Paris down the rough road of the fifth season as they move toward each other and into a relationship. 1. The Way of All Flesh, 2. A Friend in Need, 3. A Friend in Deed, 4. Pride's Cloak, 5. The Moon is Nothing, 6. Concious Betrayal, 7. Molded Out of Faults, 8. No Signposts in the Sky, 8. a) Blister, 9. Moving Forward, 10. Trust Comes With Effort, 10. a) Trust Me--prequel to Trust Comes With Effort, 11. Round Two, 12. Juggling Life
  • Hope Is A Waking Dream(C/P PG-13) Tom is back from a bad AU and brings a baby with him. Harry and B'Elanna's baby.
  • Believe It Page(C/P, J--NC-17) Janeway sees something she shouldn't have and a lot of conflict follows.
  • Twisting in the Wind(C/P Very R) Answer to a CPSG challenge or 2. What if Chakotay had bluffed with Tom's life in a hostage situation? My answer to the fallout.
  • Even Now (C/P PG to NC-17). In this AU, C & P have to resolve issues together and apart before they can come together together. Oh, and in this universe, the Voyager crew had to repair the damage inflicted by the overloaded holodeck and the Hirogen, it was not magically returned to its beautiful pre-Hirogen pristinity.
  • Out From Under (C/P NC-17) A C/P first-timer in a shuttlecraft.


  • Really Harry? (P/K R-no penetration) Garrett--yoga, Harry--clarinet. A combination Tom can't resist.
  • Don't Suffer Alone (P/K NC-17) Harry doesn't bounce back from The Killing Game like TPTB indicated.
  • Little Things Mean A Lot (P/K R-adult implications) Tom counts his blessings at Prixin.


  • Echoes of the Void (Tu/K NC-17) What was going through Tuvok's mind on the bridge during the 'Night'?
  • Sounds of Silence (Tu/K NC-17) This is a sequel to Yvette's I Am a Rock.


  • What a Miserable Planet(P/T PG)
  • I Love Paris Series (J/C/P PG to NC-17). Part 1: We'll Always Have Paris, Part 2: Bird's Eye View, Part 3: A Kiss is Just a Kiss, Part 4: What's Wrong Now, Part 5: Nothing I Woudn't do 4 U, Part 6: Declaration, Part 7: Midnight Hour, Part 8: Jump Ball
  • Forever Mine (C/Tu/P NC-17 XXX) This is the wild, rough, raw C/P with an extra player.
  • What's new? (C/P/7 PG to R). Not your usual threesie.