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Name: akamine_chan
Type: fanwriter, editor, moderator
Fandoms: due South, C6D
Communities: c6d_weekly, ds_snippets, ds_c6d_bigbang, c6d_universe
Other: dS links for crack_van, c6d links for crack_van
URL: My Livejournal, My Dreamwidth, Me at AO3
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akamine_chan is a fan writer, editor and moderator for the due South and c6d fandoms. She is also known for her fascination with zombies.

As a writer

akamine_chan started writing fan fiction in September of 2007. Previously, she had lurked in the Firefly, Final Fantasy VIII, and Final Fantasy XII fandoms, with rare, brief visits to the Lost and Harry Potter fandoms.

akamine_chan tends to concentrate on writing shorter stories. She loves the challenge of telling a story or illuminating a particular moment with the fewest number of words.

According to luzula, when akamine chan:

"[…] writes longer stories, she often makes her experience with the short format work for her, for example by writing short scenes that are structured around the theme of the story. Akamine_chan's stories are often angsty, focusing on loss of some sort: relationships ending, death, the end of the world, although she is by no means limited to angst. She enjoys writing explicit sex and kink." [1]

Fic exchanges and challenges

akamine_chan has participated in a number of fic exchanges and challenges:

due South writing

akamine_chan writes mostly Fraser/Kowalski, with an occasional rare foray into other pairings, like Denny Scarpa/Kowalski. She professes to be madly in love with Ray Kowalski and has the fics to prove it.

Notable works:

  • About Touching (F/K)
  • C-Three-H-Five-(N-O-Three)-Three (F/K)
  • Four-Squared (F/K)
  • Untune the Sky (Fraser/Kowalski, NC-17, 23 000 words) This is an apocalypse story, but for all that it's still a life-affirming story. Fraser and Ray have both lost people they love, and they're broken in some ways, but they struggle on together. Available as a podfic by dodificus and podfic_lover.
  • Blood and Pine Needles (Fraser/Victoria, R, 640 words) This is a ghost story--or is it? However you choose to interpret it, it's chilling in the best way.
  • Hanging (Fraser/Kowalski, R, 250 words) This snippet focuses on just one moment in time, and the possibilities branching off from that moment. The sensory details make the story vivid and immediate.

c6d writing

akamine_chan didn't start writing in the c6d fandom until February 2008. Since then she has dabbled in Aspen Extreme, Battlestar Galactica, Flashpoint, Hard Core Logo, Men With Guns, Canadian actor RPF, Slings & Arrows, Whiskey Echo and Wilby Wonderful, with Hard Core Logo and Battlestar Galactica holding special places in her heart.

Notable works:

  • Life In 4/4 Time (Hard Core Logo, Joe/Billy, R, 4000 words) This is a story focusing on Billy's life just before the beginning of the movie. Joe isn't physically present, but he might as well be, because of the way he's there in Billy's head. Also, Billy's answering machine messages are a thing of beauty.
  • Revolver - Canadian Actor RPF
  • Tied (Fast 'n' Dirty Remix) - Battlestar Galactica

Other fandoms

akamine_chan has written a single Torchwood story.

audio fic

Some of akamine_chan's fic has been recorded and kindly hosted on General Jinjur's Audiofic Archive.

As an editor

akamine_chan is the creator and editor of c6d_weekly, a weekly newsletter that complies the news and activity, fannish or otherwise, in the c6d fandoms. It is published every Wednesday night.

As a moderator


akamine_chan maintains the crack_van bookmarks for due South and bookmarks for c6d.


  1. luzula, due South Author Profile: akamine_chan posted on 18 January 2010 (Accessed 23 January 2010)
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