A Throw of the Dice

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Title: A Throw of the Dice
Publisher: Nut Hatch Collective
Author(s): Wally
Cover Artist(s):
Illustrator(s): no art
Date(s): May 1991
Medium: print
Fandom: Professionals
Language: English
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A Throw of the Dice is a 142-page slash Professionals novel by Wally.

flyer with story summary, click to read


From the flyer:
This is a tale in the grand style of Georgette Heyer. A sensitive story of two men's lives and how they are affected when they meet and fall in love. In true Romantic tradition, it has a wicked Lord, gypsies and even a half-ruined house. As historically accurate as the style allows, it deals with a man of the times struggling with his sexuality, facing not only the commendation of society, but also the thought that he commits a sin merely by being what he is. This is a story, too, of how love and friendship can change the bleakest of lives to one of light and happiness. Ray Doyle is the son of a baronet who gambles away the life of his son. Rescued by Bodie, he starts a new life as librarian to an earl. Untroubled by who and what he is, Ray becomes one happiness in Bodie's life. Bodie is tormented by the past and his fears, not only for his own future, but that of his brother, Philip, and his sister-in-law, the Lady Ann. Can Ray, artist and librarian, find a way for Bodie to be happy? Can he help Bodie carry the burden of a tainted name and a taste for forbidden sex? Can Bodie help rescue Ray from the clutches of Lord Wolfden, and help the gypsies gain revenge for kidnapped and murdered children? 'Bodie had often wondered what the heroes of the old stories had done with the virgins they rescued from dragons; now it looked as if he was going to find out. Half conscious, Doyle was bundled into the coach. 'Tie him and gag him.' Wolfden sat back to watch his victim's hands tied. Bleary green eyes focused on him, widening with dread as Doyle realized, what he had once feared, and forgotten, was about to happen.
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