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Title: Wrapped in Plastic
Publisher: Win-Mill Productions
Editor(s): Craig Miller and John Thorne
Date(s): 1992-2005?
Fandom: Twin Peaks
Language: English
External Links: Win-Mill Productions homepage
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Wrapped in Plastic is a gen Twin Peaks semi-pro fanzine with at least twenty-five issues.

Issue 1

Wrapped in Plastic 1 has this on the cover: "An Unofficial Guide of Review, Commentary, and Criticism of David Lynch's Bizarre and Innovation Television Series," and "Includes Reviews & Commentary on 'Fire Walk With Me'." Original price was $2.95.

Issue 2

Wrapped in Plastic 2 has this on the cover: "In this issue: Signed Twin Peaks Cards Released! Articles! Commentaries! Reviews! Checklist. TP Product News! And More!" and "'Fire Walk WIth Me': Merits Debated Inside!" and "Joe Bob Biggs talks about David Lynch!" Original price was $2.95.

Issue 3

Wrapped in Plastic 3 has this on the cover: "Killer Bob Issue!" an "Inside Hotel Room, Wild Palms, and Boxing Helena!" Original price was $2.95.

Issue 4

Wrapped in Plastic 4 was published in 1993.

Issue 17

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