What is Eternal?

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Title: What is Eternal?
Creator: gnine
Date: 6.4.2008
Format: .avi
Length: 4:42
Music: What is Eternal? by the Trans-siberian Orchestra
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Footage: season 1-4
URL: What is Eternal?

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What is Eternal? is a SGA vid by gnine. It is an episode tag to the episode The Last Man and a character study of Rodney McKay

Recs and Reviews

  • "This is for taking this show and these actors seriously. And ironically. At the same time. Like, I do sincerely believe in Rodney's manpain! And also it's hilarious. I feel like watching this vid is so much like my experience in SGA fandom, because gnine totally makes me buy it, and does these amazing cuts between current!Atlantis and future!Atlantis, and the bit about "judged on a scale that's been heavily weighted" makes me sniffle every time, and it really makes me believe in the team OT4. But then I kind of love it ironically, too, and can't believe that I'm taking it seriously."[1]
  • "okay, so, this is the cheesiest song in the history of songs. Queen thinks this song is cheesy. But it's so perfect for Rodney, because he's exactly that cheesy and serious and ridiculous and hardcore. This vid puts "The Last Man" into context with the rest of the show, and builds a very strong character thread for Rodney, and for the relationships he has to the rest of his team - something I am constantly wishing for the show to do. Back when "The Last Man" aired, I wondered who would be the first vidder to compare desert-Atlantis to ocean-Atlantis: it turns out it was gnine. She does it beautifully, and ties it in to other kinds of desolation; the comparison between the empty red hallway and the hallway that had John and Rodney joking around inside of it is really lovely. So, it's cheesy, but in a way that I take VERY seriously. :)"[2]
  • "This song is just ridiculous and over the top in its gravitas. Josh won't allow me to play it any longer in his presence; in fact, I started the vid up for a rewatch pre-reccing and no lie two seconds in he's telling me I have to go listen to it in another room. LOL But there's something incredibly endearing and tongue-in-cheek about applying this song to SGA because, yes. It's kinda funny to think of the show in these melodramatic terms, but at the same time, we do! It's true. I love the way this vid acknowledges those two levels--how much we care about these characters while also kinda making fun of us for it."[3]
  • "gnine has made one of the most beautiful fanvids I have ever seen. It tells the story of Rodney McKay, and season 4 of SGA, and especially the season finale "The Last Man." If you liked the episode (or disliked it, and want a different take on it!), or like the character, or like Trans-Siberian Orchestra's "What Is Eternal" from "Beethoven's Last Night" - go watch it! Now! It's available on YouTube and for download, and I don't have words for how much I love this vid. I've seen it more times than is probably quite healthy, and it still makes me smile and tear up and then it leaves me with goosebumps all over, because it's just that perfect. It's stunning vid, and if you've ever avoided fanvids because they're just a bunch of clips with a song playing over them, this is your chance to experience how sensationally good this form of art can get!"[4]
  • "Such a beautiful interplay of lyrics and clips; the song is *perfect* for Rodney. Specifially, the Rodney we see in TLM. More than a simple retelling of The Last Man, this vid adds a whole other dimension to it. Hard to describe... best watch!"[5]


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