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Synonyms: desktop, computer background
See also: Fanart, Banner
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Wallpaper in fandom terminology generally refers to an image or piece of art used as a computer desktop background. It may be a photograph, a screencap, photo manipulation (manip), an image created with a video game enigine, a drawing, painting, comic, chibi, collage or other traditional or digital fan art. Subjects may include a favourite character, pairing or group, a canon scene or object, landscape, portrait or still life.

Wallpapers may be created for a particular fansite, fanfic or fanwork, or for a challenge or fest. Canon creators may offer wallpapers for fans to download from official sites.

(Needs: wallpaper examples, types and attitudes in different fandoms, technical requirements - eg offering resolutions for different screen sizes, controversies - "does it count as fanart?", sites that will host it - see Fanart#Photo_Manipulations for some material.)


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