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Title: Tribal Lore
Publisher: DE Press
Date(s): 2006
Medium: print
Size: digest-sized
Genre: gen
Fandom: The Sentinel
Language: English
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Tribal Lore is a gen Sentinel fanzine with two volumes, both published in January 2006. Both volumes have a color cover & 5 color interior illos by Ankaree.

Issue 1

issue #1

Tribal Lore 1 is is 296 pages long and digest-sized.

  • Life Lessons 1: Primer by Kathy (A routine assignment leads to life-altering changes for Jim and Blair as they learn that friends aren’t what they appear and some secrets aren’t so secret after all.)
  • Life Lessons 2: Correspondence Course – California by Kathy (Hunted and on the run, Jim and Blair try to heal from the physical and emotional injuries inflicted by their kidnappers.)
  • Prophecy by Natalie L: #9 in the Make It Go Away series. (Visions of a major disaster to hit Cascade haunt Blair. Can he get anyone to listen? )
  • The Best Intentions by KAM (Sometimes the best intentions can have devastating results, especially when motivated by less than honorable reasons. That’s a lesson Jim and Blair painfully learn when someone close to them misinterprets their relationship.)

Issue 2

cover of issue #2, by Ankaree

Tribal Lore 2 is is 288 pages long and digest-sized.

  • Hush by Lyn (62 pages) (Blair finds the mutilated body of a dying child; and after a couple of strange incidents, begins to believe he's being haunted by her restless soul.)
  • Destiny by Ophelia (14 pages) (Blair’s thoughts on the eve of meeting Jim for the first time.)
  • A Lesson From Zoe by Annie (34 pages) (Blair’s a detective and Jim’s official partner now; but when their first case together involves abducted children, will it prove to be more than he can bear?)
  • What Matters Most by Sheila Paulson (Crossover with Lord Of The Rings, part of a series, see below) (183 pages) (Still reeling from the press conference and the resulting changes in their lives, Jim and Blair are struggling to put their partnership back on track. Can a visit from Incacha and a trip to a land where honor and friendship are still valued help them find their way?) (also in Bonds of Friendship, part of What Matters Most Universe)
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