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Name: The Vampire Diaries
Abbreviation(s): VD, TVD
Creator: LJ Smith
Date(s): 1991/1992: original series
2009/2010: Return trilogy
2009-present: TV series
Medium: book, television
Country of Origin: US
External Links: (official) (fansite)
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The Vampire Diaries is a YA book series by LJ Smith; it was adapted into a CW TV series by the same name. This page is about the books; please visit The Vampire Diaries (TV) for the show and its fandom-specific activities and communities.

The Vampire Diaries series consists of four original books published in 1991 and 1992 (The Awakening, The Struggle, The Fury, and Dark Reunion), and a new trilogy written to mark the author's return from her ten-year hiatus. The Return trilogy includes Nightfall (published February 2009), Shadow Souls (February 2010), and Midnight (due 2010-11).

Many fans have noticed a startling amount of subtext in the original books. The Vampire Diaries is perhaps LJ Smith's slashiest work. Included is a deep friendship between Matt and Stefan, two male characters who bond immediately, and a famous (or infamous) broyay pseudo-rape scene between Stefan and Damon Salvatore in The Awakening. In the books, several characters make comments on 'kinky' threesomes. This has spawned a large amount of slash fanfiction, more so than in any of LJ Smith's other books, even Nightworld.

Original Series

Elena Gilbert is a high-school senior who is popular and beautiful but lonely. When a new attractive Italian boy ignores her attempts to attract his attention, she determines she’ll make him hers. However, Stefan Salvatore is a vampire trying to start a new life for himself, and he is rejecting Elena because she is the near-perfect double of his lost love, Katherine von Swartzschild. Katherine changed both Stefan and his older brother, Damon Salvatore, into vampires five hundred years ago; she then committed suicide and the brothers killed one another because each blamed the other for her death. Elena discovers the truth after a teacher is murdered and the town blames Stefan for it. Stefan and Elena find themselves in growing conflict with Damon. Damon tries to persuade Elena to abandon Stefan in favor of him and continues to threaten Stefan. A supernatural force causes Elena to drown unexpectedly, and she wakes up as a vampire. She identifies the force that killed her as someone other than Damon, and the three vampires band together to find it. The force is finally identified as Katherine, who - it turns out - faked her suicide, and has since gone insane. Elena manages to kill Katherine but dies in the fight. Stefan and Damon make her a deathbed promise to end their conflict and look after one another. Elena’s high school friends receive messages from Elena’s spirit just before one of them is killed in a mysterious supernatural. The killer turns out to be the vampire Klaus, who made Katherine into a vampire. All of Elena’s friends receive mortal wounds on the battlefield, but Elena’s spirit appears and heals them; she also summons an army of Civil War spirits, who carry a screaming Klaus away. When Elena comes back to life, now a normal human girl again, and is reunited with Stefan, the original series has a happy ending.

Return Trilogy Synopsis

In the fifth book (first of the Return trilogy), Nightfall, the newly returned Elena appears more like an angel, with White Powers and four sets of magic wings with miraculous powers. Two kitsune twins attack the town, causing hostile trees to walk and tentacled creatures called malach to possess humans. Damon is possessed by one of the tentacled creatures, and under its influence he helps one of the kitsune kidnap Stefan. Elena uses her magic wings to free Damon of the possession. With her friends they fight the kitsune, who are eventually defeated, but to rescue Stefan, they will have to find the two halves of the kitsunes’ magic key. They set out to do so at the end of the book.

Shadow Souls (published February 2010?): A penitent Damon, along with Elena, and Matt follow Stefan into the darkest dimension in an attempt to set him free from the prison he has found instead of salvation. Bonnie and Meredith join Elena as all three are forced to enter as slaves, the chained and leashed property of a vampire--Damon.

Midnight (15 March 2011): The surviving group of Fell’s Church friends return to find their town in a shambles. Meredith makes a horrifying discovery in her research and Bonnie has an out of body experience which might explain all the mayhem that is going on. Matt faces down Caroline, while, Elena must face the most important question of her life: who does she really belong with? Stefan or Damon?

Fan Reaction to Nightfall

Reaction to the new trilogy has been incredibly mixed [1]. Many fans expressed dismay over the large number of inconsistencies and inaccuracies in Nightfall, including the heavy use of modern technology when it's still technically 1992. LJ Smith also made significant changes to the characters' personalities, especially Damon (a fan favorite), upsetting many long-time members of the fandom. Some have accused LJ Smith of not familiarizing herself with her books before writing Nightfall. In her defense, other mostly newer fans (who entered the fandom after reading the 2008 omnibus reprints of the original books) have pointed out that LJ Smith has not been writing for over ten years, so some inconsistencies can be expected and forgiven. LJ Smith herself has admitted it's not her best work, and blames the poor writing quality on problems with her editors. However, many fans remain unhappy with the direction of the new books, citing Nightfail's ridiculous plotline, vaguely homophobic references, and disturbing characterization that reads like bad fanfic.


In response to the flurry of activity and interest surrounding The Vampire Diaries, a new fansite was created in March 2009. features the latest news on the TV show and books, as well as a comprehensive wiki, fanfiction archive, fanart gallery, and forum. There is also a twitter account and LiveJournal community.[2] An official but less comprehensive and more profit-oriented website,, was later created by Alloy Entertainment to promote the TV show and books.




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  • tvd_slash - Dreamwidth community for fic, meta, icons, and other material relating to non-incest slash pairings
  • tvd_slash - a place where authors and readers can connect and enjoy slash fanfiction about the characters from both their television and book incarnations. Salvatoreslash and any future 'cest slash pairings are welcome.



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