The Jewel of Arwen

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Title: The Jewel of Arwen
Publisher: T-K Graphics
Author(s): Marion Zimmer Bradley
Cover Artist(s): Jean Brill
Illustrator(s): Jean Brill
Date(s): 1974
Medium: print
Fandom: Tolkien
Language: English
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The Jewel of Arwen is a Tolkien 39-page novelette by Marion Zimmer Bradley which describes the history of the white stone that Arwen gives to Frodo in Return of the King. The art is by Jean Brill. It is a reprint of the story from the zine, I Palantir (1961).

Also see The Parting of Arwen.

Reactions and Reviews

I remember that the first LotR fanfic I ever read was MZB's story about the white gem that Arwen gives to Frodo in the end of RotK. I liked it. It was pretty cool.

I cannot remember much of it, but I remember liking Elladan and Elrohir in it, and there was mention of the white gem being a "small favor" given to Galadriel by Celebrimbor, which usually makes me squee a lot.


A librarian friend of mine, who is mighty in research-fu, found it for me and printed it on nice paper and bound it up in a little book for me for a birthday a few years back. I need to find the box it's in - I seem to remember that it was a very decent attempt at writing in Tolkien's style, and there was a line of Arwen's that I MELTED over. It was a very RESPECTFUL story, and I am always charmed by courtesy to Professor Tolkien. [1]


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