The Bench: Fan Feud

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Press Commentary
Title: The Bench: Fan Feud
Commentator: Tim Wu
Date(s): May 12, 2008
Venue: The New Yorker
Fandom: Harry Potter
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The Bench: Fan Feud is a short article by Tim Wu that appeared in the May 12, 2008 issue of The New Yorker. Wu provides a brief description of the Harry Potter Lexicon trial and quotes Steve Vander Ark, the defendant. He also interviews another HP fan, Melissa Anelli.[1]

On May 5, The Leaky Cauldron re-posted the text of the article and added an Editor's Note:

Editor’s Note: In the above-mentioned article, Mr. Wu attributed several statements made during a recent PotterCast (number 148) to Melissa Anelli (“He is vilified now”, “He has ruined his good standing.”). These remarks were instead made by Leaky Editor Sue Upton, who was commenting on the impact the decision to publish the book has made upon Vander Ark’s reputation.[2]


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