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Tarsus IV is mentioned in the episode "The Conscience of the King": "In 2246, Kirk was living on the planet Tarsus IV during a food crisis that was starving the colony of eight thousand people. Governor Kodos, sympathetic to old eugenics philosophies, tried to save a portion of his colony by killing the four thousand colonists he deemed least desirable or able to survive. Kodos was unaware of the imminent arrival of relief ships. The thirteen-year-old Jim Kirk was one of only nine eyewitnesses to the massacre." [1]

Tarsus IV Zine Fiction

In The K/S Press #15: a fan compiled a list of known fan fiction in zines that dealt with Tarsus IV:

  • As I Do Thee #21, "Interlude" by Ida Vega (Lt. Kirk meets a Vulcan Musician on Tarsus IV and again seven years later.)
  • Before the Glory, "Joyboy" by Syn Ferguson (Spock meets Kirk shortly after his rescue from Tarsus IV.)
  • By His Side, "Decision" by Karen Rhodes (Jim and Tom Leighton survive the famine on Tarsus IV.)
  • Companion #1, "Without Ceremony" by Christy Mathews (On a lawless planet, Kirk hunts for two of Kodo's lieutenants.)
  • Contact #4, "Only Other Thing" by Ginna LaCroix (Kirk must kill an old friend from Tarsus IV who has become a rebel.)
  • Duet #11 "Stock in Trade" by Tere Ann Roderick (A Vulcan ship trades provisions for slaves with Kodos.)
  • Kirk, "Family Secrets" by Mary Louise Dodge (Kirk visits his aunt on Tarsus IV and finds his cousin is a follower of Kodos.)
  • Log Entries #17 "Treffpunkt" by Sandy Sapatka (Kirk, on his way to Tarsus IV, meets a Vulcan boy on a space station.)
  • More Missions, More Myths #1, "Another King's Conscience" by Natasha Solten (Kirk visits Lenore Karidian after her father's death.)
  • Naked Times #11 "Small Voice" by Robin Hood (Kirk is obsessed by Lenore Karidian after her father's death, remembering Kodos.)
  • Out of Bounds Overflow, " Joseph's Brother, pt.1" by Pamela Rose (Desperate to leave Earth, Sam Kirk sells Jim to Kodos.)
  • Rigel #3, "Flight" by Jane Aumerle (Karidian's wife dies in childbirth and he and the child take refuge in a colony.)
  • Rising Star, "Night Creatures" by Mandi Schultz (Kodos spares Jim and Sam Kirk's life in return for sex.)
  • Sahndara #1 "Death Drops the Final Curtain" by P. Charlene Deaton (Kirk is found with his wrists cut and Lenore Karidian is in the area.)
  • Vault of Tomorrow #5, "Call It a Feeling" by Laura Zipkin (On Altair IV, Lenore Karidian tries to kill Kirk.)
  • The Voice #5, "To Be a Help Meet for Him" by Frances Rowes (After the Galileo loss, Kirk and Spock have to stop a plague on New Paris.)



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