Tales from Sherwood

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You may be looking for Tales of Sherwood Forest, a letterzine.

Title: Tales from Sherwood
Publisher: The Presses
Editor(s): Paulie & Tami Marie
Date(s): 1988
Medium: print
Fandom: Robin of Sherwood
Language: English
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Tales from Sherwood is a gen 139-page Robin of Sherwood anthology edited by Paulie & Tami Marie. The cover art is by Paulie. The fiction centers around the HTV/Showtime series and includes an interview with Robert Addie, convention photos, poetry and art.

cover by Paulie
  • The Curse by Laura Chevening 3
  • Dark Hart by Jeanine Hennig 9
  • Winter by Marcia Brin 53
  • The Blessing by Laura Chevening 55
  • By Your Side by Sarah Macht DeWitt 60
  • The Beginning of Dreams by Sarah Macht DeWitt 61
  • The Man from Spain by John Merkel 63
  • The Promise by Jenna Bruce 87
  • Brothers by Jenna Bruce 89
  • Robin in the Hood by Daria Praed 91
  • Some Things That Should've Been Said by Daria Praed 95
  • Soliloquy by Jenna Bruce 97
  • Robbin' the Hood by L.A. Carr 99
  • Herne's Son by Jaime Yingling 112
  • The Guy Behind Gisburne by Robert Addie 113 (interview)
  • Fun at Greenwood Con, May, 1987 by Paulie 127
  • Love in the Afternoon by Tami Marie 131