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Name: Sitcomathon
Date(s): 2006
Moderator(s): Sabine, Kyra C.
Founder: Sabine, Kyra C.
Type: ficathon
Fandom: multifandom
Associated Community:
URL: Sitcomathon LJ, Sitcomathon Collection at AO3
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The Sitcomathon ran only once in 2006, and was a multifandom sitcom fic crossover ficathon. Sitcoms -- defined as any half-hour comedy, including animated series -- were nominated before the start of the challenge, and then participants requested up to four stories, including at least one crossover, that they would like to receive. As per ficathons in general, the participants were matched up with writers who could write in those fandoms, and assignments were sent out.

The possibility remains for the Sitcomathon to run again, whether moderated by Sabine and Kyra Cullinan or others.

This multifandom challenge tapped into some rarer fanfiction genres, as fic based on sitcoms is in general less common than fic based on dramas, sci-fi, or other genres.

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