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Pairing: Myka Bering/Helena "H.G." Wells
Alternative name(s): Bering/Wells, Myka/H.G, Bering & Wells.
Gender category: femslash
Fandom: Warehouse 13
Canonical?: No
Prevalence: Popular
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Myka/H.G. picspam by bramzambies. Can hatesex be far behind?

Myka/H.G. is a popular femslash pairing in the Warehouse 13 fandom. Their relationship has semi-canonical status; while it has never been explicitly written into canon, Joanne Kelly (Myka Bering) has stated that she and Jaime Murray decided on their own that their characters were in love.[1]

At one point, speaking at a panel at Comic-Con, Joanne Kelly said of her co-star Jaime Murray, "Jaime is such a good actress and I have so much fun with her. I think it was one of the things that we talked about, how to make the dynamic interesting and different. And so, we fell in love a little bit." [2]

Example Fanworks


  • Classification Error by harper_m: Myka had told Helena that no good could come out of hanky-panky in the Warehouse. And look, here she was, pregnant and right. ~11,000 words, rated Teen and Up.
  • Catalysis by winged_mammal: Myka keeps accidentally having sex with H.G.. She's not okay with this. (Except for the part where she totally is.) ~14,000 words, rated Explicit.
  • An American Warehouse Agent in Paris (and London) by trancer: History is set in stone. The past can not be changed. Until, one day, Myka Bering makes a wish.. in the Warehouse. Time Travel ~18,000 words, rated Mature.
  • Delivered by a_windsor: “I didn’t sign up for the Warehouse to mess with us like this.” Kidfic. ~50,000 words, rated Teen and Up. NOT COMPLETE.
  • Lifeforms by journaliar: It’s all fun and games until your partner gets Benjamin Buttoned. ~11,000 words, rated Teen and Up.



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