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Journal Community
Name: Linkspam
Date(s): 2009-05-17 - 2010 (last update)
Moderator: aedh, hl, inkstone, ithiliana, kaz, linkspam_mod, melannen, naraht, unusualmusic
Type: Meta
Fandom: Multifandom
URL: Linkspam at Dreamwidth

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"Linkspam's goal is to serve as a resource for anti-oppression efforts. We do not subscribe to the belief that there is an objective perspective on any oppression. We believe attempting to be "objective" often results in contributing to the oppression. We will not try to present "two" sides equally. We hope to present resources for people to follow multiple perspectives expressed in anti-oppression discussions relating to fandom online, but we do not pretend to present resources in a neutral context. The organizing principles for Linkspam posts will be roughly chronological.
We are positioned primarily in LiveJournal and Dreamwidth. Our main concern is anti-oppression issues as they impact SFF and transformative works fan communities. We define fan communities broadly in regard to media and fannish activities and believe that anti-oppression work will, at times, connect with online areas beyond fan spaces. We will not link to mainstream media outlets.
We understand that intersectional practices are vital in anti-oppression work. We will try to focus on imbroglios relating to power imbalances and conflicts between minority and majority group members in and around fandom. Such imbroglios include but are not limited to the interlocking systems of oppression relating to ethnicity, race, nationality, religion, class, gender identities and presentations, size or weight, age, sexual identities, and disability. This list is not meant to be exhaustive and we are open to connecting to imbroglios relating to other aspects of power and identity as they arise." [1]

On April 10 2010, Linkspam officially went on hiatus.


  1. Linkspam Community Info (Accessed Feb. 26, 2010)
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