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Press Commentary
Title: Gay "Trek"
Commentator: Jonathan Kay
Date(s): 30 June 2001
Fandom: Star Trek
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Gay "Trek" is an article about the lack of gay characters on Star Trek.

Among many other things, the article links to and quotes from "Turning Point," a 1995 "slash" fiction novel by "Killashandra". It also mentions Gaylaxians, and the controversial Star Trek: TNG script by David Gerrold called Blood and Fire.

This article was reposted in full in DIAL #19.

The Starship Enterprise, arguably the most famous vessel in the history of fiction, has seen some amazing sights. Its crew has gone back in time, averted intergalactic war and defeated monsters that eat whole planets. In one "Star Trek" episode, crew members were turned into little crystalline polyhedrons. In another, Mr. Spock's brain was surgically removed by an alien supermodel wearing a silver miniskirt.

Yet there's one frontier that has consistently eluded producers: Through three seasons on television and six movies, the decks of the original Enterprise have never witnessed a single word or gesture of gay affection. The same goes for the Enterprise D from "Star Trek: The Next Generation" and the eponymous craft from "Deep Space Nine" and "Voyager." No same-sex kisses. No hand-holding. Not even a casual reference to the existence of homosexuality. It is an odd distinction for the franchise that, 33 years ago, gave America its first televised interracial kiss. "You would think that occasionally a gay or lesbian character would [appear] somewhere in the 24th century," wrote a contributor to the Lavender Dragon fan newsletter a few years back. "Has the Federation [of Planets] found a 'cure' for homosexuality?"