Darkover Summer Snow

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Title: Darkover Summer Snow
Author(s): Eileen Ledbetter
Date(s): 1978 or before
Genre: perhaps gen, perhaps slash
Fandom: Darkover
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Darkover Summer Snow is a Darkover fan story by Eileen Ledbetter. It was printed in the first issue of Starstone.

Fan, Linda Frankel, wrote: "[It] told the story of Regis' earlier relationship that had left him so shattered in Heritage of Hastur and in the alternate universe of "Ten Minutes or So". The essentially heterosexual Lew Alton had sex and telepathic intimacy with Regis, but then withdrew on the grounds that he didn't want to hurt the boy, causing Regis more anguish than the older youth could possibly guess. It is interesting to note that "Darkover Summer Snow" was the first amateur story about Darkover. When Marion Zimmer Bradley received it, she was so impressed that she decided to establish Starstone, the first Darkover fanzine." [1]


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