City on the Edge of Whatever Coloring Book

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Title: City on the Edge of Whatever Coloring Book
Publisher: T'Kuhtian Press/Gordon Carleton
Type: coloring book
Date(s): April 1977 (first printing), (second printing May 22, 1981, of which there were 400)
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
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City on the Edge of Whatever Coloring Book is a gen Star Trek: TOS coloring book. It has 32 panels, 64 pages. It is based on the City on the Edge of Whatever Slide Show.

From an ad in The Halkan Council #24: "It is the handier form of the slide show scripted and drawn by Gordon Carlteon (handier in that you get to see it without having to try to catch it at a con.)"

From the flyer: "City on the Edge of Whatever started out as a slide show. I wrote the script and drew the panels that became the slides. It is performed with live readings from the script as the slides were shown. City is based partially on Harlan Ellison's original script of 'City on the Edge of Forever' as it was not produced, partially on the aired version of the Star Trek episode, and partially on the Strektacular convention debacles in Chicago and New York City. Mostly Chicago. I gofered that con. City on the Edge of Whatever was originally produced for SeKWester*Con in April, 1976. (How I finished it in time I'll never know.) Since then, City has been on the convention circuit to such places as Toronto, Salt Lake City, New York City, and my living room. Toronto had to be the best. Harlan saw City in Toronto. Harlan liked it. Boy, did Harlan like it! However, the show can't be everywhere, so you folks deprived of the chance to see it performed (and for those who saw it performed and wanted a copy of), here it is -- The City on the Edge of Forever Coloring Book. 8 1/2 X 11 on heavy stock, (70 lb.) paper, photo offset. All the words and pictures for only 3.00, plus postage... City on the Edge of Whatever in any form is not now nor has ever been connected with the Michigan State University Star Trek Club despite various convention booklet credits and rumors to the contrary."