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Title: Ghost: Blake's Seven: a Sixth Series
Editor(s): Judith M. Seaman
Date(s): 1986-1987 (1990)
Medium: print
Size: digest-sized
Genre: gen
Fandom: Blake’s 7
Language: English
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Ghost is a gen Blake's 7 anthology subtitled "Blake's Seven: a Sixth Series." The fiction is by Judith M. Seaman. It is digest-sized and was published in England.

Aquitar is a prequel to this series, as well as to Program.

Issue 1

cover of issue #1

Ghost Part One was published in 1986 and is a sequel to Program. It is a collection of 2 stories and is 96 pages long.

  • "Ghost" (Ghost series, episode 1; S6 -- "Avon has to be hidden if he is to survive, but what can he do without the others and what can they do without him?")
  • "Unicorn" (Ghost series, episode 2; S6 -- "Only a pure virgin can catch the Unicorn, but wo qualifies for that role, and would she be willing to take it?")

Issue 2

Ghost Part Two was published in 1986 and is 114 pages long.

  • "Revival" (Ghost series, episode 3; S6 -- "Avon is back on RSC Blake and makes contact with Elam. It seems a new alliance could be possible, if only there was a little more trust.") 59 pages
  • "Image" (Ghost series, episode 4; S6 -- "Whose face did Avon see in the vu-screen and why did he immediately try to run? Tarrant's attempt to solve the mystery leads him to a terrifying trap.") 54 pages

Issue 3

Ghost Part Three was published in 1987 and contains 113 pages.

  • "Whisper" (Ghost series, episode 5; S6)
  • "Cult" (Ghost series, episode 6; S6)

Issue 4

Ghost Part Four was published in 1987 and is 117 pages long.

  • "Return" (Ghost series, episode 7; S6) 61 pages
  • "Fantasie" (Ghost series, episode 8; S6) 57 pages

Issue 5

cover of issue #5

Ghost Part Five was published in 1990 and contains 116 pages.

  • "Journey" (Ghost series, episode 9; S6)
  • "Vision" (Ghost series, episode 10; S6)

Special Issue

cover of Special Issue

Blake's Seven: A Sixth Series: All That Ever Was was published in 1990. It is set between episodes 4 and 5; S5.

Reactions and Reviews

[Program] and [Ghost]: I didn't want to like these novels, but I found myself caught up in Judith Seaman's 'Program: a fifth series' and 'Ghost: a sixth series' far beyond my expectations. I picked up 'Ghost' in a used zine sale, and borrowed 'Program', and do not know about their current availability. And I find that 'Ghost' is four, no five chapters short! According to the list at the back of 'Program', I'm missing Journey, Vision, Slave, The Coming, and Master. So were they written? and if so, does someone here have them and could I borrow them?

These are finely detailed post Gauda Prime sequential novels - really just one very long story. Quite a few new people are introduced, both evil and ambiguous, several of whom I found myself caring about. The details about the operations of the Federation and the Outer Worlds are well developed, coherent and believable. The story is told the way I like 'em, in dialog more than exposition. And if you like plot, you'll like these.

PGP...Servalan needs Orac, and only Avon can fix it. So she cooks up a complex scheme to get Avon to agree to do it - by letting him escape from the Medical Station where he has been held prisoner for three months, along with Vila, Soolin, Tarrant and Dayna. Except that Avon knows that she had clones created from all of them, and that any or all of his companions are copies, and undoubtably conditioned to kill him at a certain time. But they each believe themselves to be the 'real' one.

The major themes: choice, trust and betrayal. And how can you tell what is real? These are all prime B7 themes. None of the Scorpio crew has choice, because Servalan has removed it; Avon tries very hard to create choices for the others, while knowing himself trapped. No one trusts anyone else; how can you trust a clone? And everyone, new character and old, either betrays or is betrayed...except Servalan, who is in control.

The character's voices are, for the most part, caught very well. My main problem is repetitive dialog and adverbs. Avon is consistently either bleak, despairing, or dry. He almost always answers a question with a question ( which he did do in the series, but not inevitably!). The Scorpio crew is constantly harping on the trust issue. My second problem is the revisionist history, that Blake really was selling them for money. But it is only touched on slightly, a couple of times. Over all, everyone is hopelessly caught, pushed invariably from event to event, to a horrific conclusion in 'Program', which is not relieved by the following chapters of 'Ghost'.

I was trepidatious about Seaman, because of her reputation for Blake bashing. Her 3rd, 4th or PGP stories that I have read have been a cut above most fanfic, because I like the writing; maybe I've been lucky and not run into the 1st-2nd series stories she's done (or forgotten them!). But the Avon of these novels is very well drawn and believable and he suffers abominably. And it's not pretty. He attempts suicide more than once, and is not *allowed* to complete it. He suffers hypothermia, blood loss, drug addiction, heinous torture, starvation, and more. Always he is revived, through no desire of his own. He dreams terrible nightmares that wake the others - of Blake, of chasing Blake, of killing Blake, or Anna, of watching the others, the real ones, go down at GP. Even thru the repetitions, I think she has caught an Avon that is basically believable, and for whom I developed a great deal of sympathy. [1]


  1. Lysator, Nichole, March, 1995.