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ThousandWorlds is the Star Wars universe created by Maggie Nowakowska and Dyane Kirkland. It was the first complex fan-created Star Wars universe.

These stories won at least one Fan Q.

Dyane's participation ended with the story "It's a Man's World" in Guardian #3.

Where the Stories Are

The first of the stories was published in Moonbeam #3 in February 1978.

The stories were in Skywalker, Time Warp, and Guardian. They were later collected and published in the zine ThousandWorlds Collected.

Origin Comments from the Author

Hey, along with trying to figure out what Kenobi wasn't saying in ANH, the main reason I wrote ThousandWorlds was to figure out a way to get Solo into a state where I could believe he would successfully survive an Alliance victory. [1]
Ohmigoh Someone who remembers back to the early issues of Marvel SW comics and the lettercol. Ohmy. Yes, I'm the same Maggie. For those who weren't around then, Marvel was running a story line about surviving relatives of the Imperials killed when the Death Star went Boom! and appeared lo have confused Motti and Tagge. Being the obsessive fan, I wrote to them with all my citations, pointing out their error. They were very polite in their answer, which they published with the letter... The story I referred to in my Marvel letter eventually became part of my ThousandWorlds series, an ancient fan alternate universe that draws solely on ANH since it was 99% written before TESB came out. So, It's a bit dated as far as canon SW goes. [2]

Reactions and Reviews

A fan who reviewed a story in Grip #17 mentions the universe's influence: "I found her use of the word 'enclave' interesting; it's further proof of the influence the 'ThousandWorlds' universe has over SW fandom, much like several 'Kraithisms' that have come to be accepted almost as 'canon' in ST fandom." [3]

At least one other fan wrote a riff on this series with two stories in Equal Space: "'Like Father' and 'Eight is More than Enough' are two short pieces based on a bit of Thousandworlds apocrypha involving eight bastard half-brothers fathered by Han Solo and their search for their father." [4]


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