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ThousandWorlds is the Star Wars universe created by Maggie Nowakowska and Dyane Kirkland. It was the first complex fan-created Star Wars universe and the first of the stories was published in Moonbeam #3 in February 1978.

Dyane's participation ended with the story "It's a Man's World" in Guardian #3.

The stories were in Skywalker, Time Warp, and Guardian. They were later collected and published in the zine ThousandWorlds Collected.

These stories won at least one Fan Q.

A fan who reviewed a story in Grip #17 mentions the universe's influence: "I found her use of the word 'enclave' interesting; it's further proof of the influence the 'ThousandWorlds' universe has over SW fandom, much like several 'Kraithisms' that have come to be accepted almost as 'canon' in ST fandom." [1]

At least one other fan wrote a riff on this series with two stories in Equal Space: "'Like Father' and 'Eight is More than Enough' are two short pieces based on a bit of Thousandworlds apocrypha involving eight bastard half-brothers fathered by Han Solo and their search for their father." [2]


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