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Name: Roswell
Abbreviation(s): ROS
Creator: Jason Katims
Date(s): October 6, 1999 – May 14, 2002
Medium: television
Country of Origin: United States
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Roswell is a science fiction series that ran for three seasons on the WB (and later the UPN) based on the book series Roswell High by Melinda Metz.


The series revolved around a group of teenage alien-human hybrids like semi-clones of members of the royal family who had been killed in a power struggle on their home planet -- who had been sent to Earth for their safety. Their ship crashed in Roswell, New Mexico in the 40s (yup that one!), their pods laid dormant until the 80s when where they were hatched and later found in the desert, and were raised there as humans. The show focused on their friends, romantic interests, allies, and enemies, and on the alien teens' struggle to understand their background and possibly find a way back home while evading detection by Earth authorities.

During its first season the show had a strong arc around the developing romance between alien Max and human Liz. TPTB brought in Ronald D. Moore as showrunner for the second and third season; subsequently the focus headed towards various alien plots and danger-of-exposure of the week episodes.


Main characters:

Reoccurring Characters:

  • Amy DeLuca
  • Jeff and Nancy Parker
  • Jesse Ramirez
  • Nasedo
  • Philip and Diane Evans
  • Sean DeLuca
  • Riverdog
  • Agent Pierce
  • Ms. Topolsky


Movie Campaign

Due to Veronica Mars fans success story of raising and achieving a movie, Roswell fans also have the same hope in gaining a film despite the fifteen year difference. It's not just the fans either that support the idea, but also several actors including Shiri Appleby (Liz), Majandra Delfino (Maria), Colin Hanks (Alex), William Sadler (Sherriff Valenti), Diane Farr (Maria's mother, Amy), Melinda Metz (author), and Laura J. Burns (staff writer) have shown interest either be retweeting about it or in interviews or actually signing the campaign.


  • Max/Liz
  • Michael/Maria
  • Michael/Liz
  • Alex/Isabel
  • Michael/Isabel
  • Kyle/Liz
  • Alex/Maria
  • Kyle/Tess
  • Max/Michael
  • Kyle/Isabel
  • Max/Tess
  • Max/Maria
  • Isabel/Maria
  • Isabel/Alex/Kyle
  • Max/Michael/Maria
  • Michael/Maria/Kyle
  • Michael/Liz/Max

Pairing Names

Roswell fandom is (in-)famous for its unusual pairing name conventions. Most ships, both het and slash, and the fans of these ships are referred to by obscure nicknames in Roswell fandom. Some are very common, e.g. Dreamers for Max/Liz fans, others quite obscure, e.g. "Suncatchers" for Isabel/Alex/Kyle threesome fans. Often these nicknames were derived from each other, e.g. the canonical ship Michael/Maria is called "Candy" (because of its "M&M" initials), the slash ship Max/Michael then "Peanut M&M", the threesome Max/Michael/Maria "Peanut Butter M&M", the Michael/Maria/Kyle "BBQ M&M"... They also reflect the view of the pairing in fandom (like "Dreamers"), and thus sometimes names vary depending whether fans like or dislike the ship, e.g. Max/Tess and Michael/Isabel may be called POD or "Protector of Destiny" by someone if they want the Pod Squad together, but "Shipwreckers" and "Intruders" respectively if they oppose these ships. Some ships have multiple names, e.g. Kyle/Tess fans can be Lamp Trimmers, Rebounders, or Space Cowgirls.[1][2]

See List of Roswell Pairing Names for more.


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LJ Communities

Pairing Comms:

Character Comms:



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