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Name: Finance Committee of Organization for Transformative Works (OTW)
Profit/Nonprofit: Nonprofit
Country based in: USA; international volunteers
Focus: Tracks spending, writes checks, maintains financial records, and develops a budget for the OTW.
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The Finance Committee was one of the committees involved in the Organization for Transformative Works.

In July 2014, the Board voted to dissolve the Committee, and the Treasurer became the only person in charge of Finance.

The OTW website describes the committee's role:

The Finance Committee keeps track of spending, writes checks, maintains financial records, and develops a budget for the organization.

The expected level of participation is flexible. We do expect staff to attend all meetings (one hour once a week from January to May, then one hour every one to two weeks for the remainder of the year depending on committee needs). Individual workload is also flexible, and we try to fit projects to committee members’ availability. Small amounts of work, such as creating a meeting agenda, take place over email intermittently.

Our meetings are structured so there’s a brief staff check-in/update on our week, then the agenda is generally a check-in on progress on ongoing projects followed by any news from other committees, and announcement of any new work with discussion to assign tasks. We try to keep the meetings moving quickly, start on time, and finish within an hour.

Prior experience with non-profit financial management and/or accounting is preferred; familiarity with Quickbooks, CivicRM, PayPal, and budgeting, along with experience with non-profit financial management are helpful but not required. We will train staff and volunteers for specific tasks to match their interests, and we need people who are comfortable with any of the following: setting up automated payments; monitoring PayPal transactions; drafting proposals, reports and policies and procedures related to OTW finances; writing newsletter posts; researching payment processors; liaising with Development and Membership to prepare for membership drives; assisting in filing federal and state taxes; and/or Googling for shark-related puns.

We have a combination of work styles on the committee and will work to accommodate anyone interested in joining us. We tend to attempt to work in pairs so no one person is left without support on a task, and in order to pair someone who has experience in the given area with someone seeking to learn more about the particular task. What we need more than any particular work style are people who can be patient with a group prone to the occasional silliness and tangent, and who are largely dry-witted.

Previous work in the organization is not required. Historically, we have taken on those interested in serving in a financial capacity directly as staff rather than as volunteers to guarantee access to staff tools and because of concerns about confidentiality. We would prefer to continue taking on staff, but can accommodate those wishing to remain volunteers.[1]

Financial information

Financial information for the Org can be found in the Annual reports.

History Of Chairs

  • 2007-08: Susan Gibel
  • 2009: Susan Gibel
  • 2010: Sheila Lane
  • 2011: Sheila Lane
  • 2012: Nikisha Sanders
  • 2013: Cat Meier & Nikisha Sanders
  • 2014: Cat Meier & Nikisha Sanders


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