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Title: Mixed Nuts
Creator: Laura Shapiro
Date: December 2005
Format: DivX
Length: 7:14
Music: The Nutcracker Suite as interpreted by the Brian Setzer Orchestra
Genre: show tribute?
Fandom: Farscape
Footage: Farscape
URL: announcement post on LJ, direct download link at vidder's site

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Mixed Nuts is a seven-plus minute paean to the characters of Farscape in all their glory. The pacing, the interstitials, and the choice of (all-instrumental) music brilliantly highlight the fantastic outlandishness (or outlandish fantasticness) of the show itself.

Sample Recs and Reviews

"Farscape, the zaniest show ever, as vidded to an equally zany version of The Nutcracker Suite. Each section works perfectly for the character (or characters) it represents. The vid is insanely well-constructed and so much fun, and will fill you with glee for the show - even if you've never seen Farscape in your life." (tea_recs)[1]
"If you ever thought vids without words were boring, or long vids could never work, you have to see this vid. Laura Shapiro vidded Farscape to (a jazzy version of ) Tchaikovsky's "The Nutcracker Suite", and it's one of the best FS I've ever seen. (and that's saying something, since there are quite a few good FS vids). A dance for every character, a waltz for John and Aeryn, it's just perfect. I love this vid." (oceanas_recs)[2]


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