It's not the end of the "Millennium," after all

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Title: It's not the end of the "Millennium," after all
Commentator: Howard Wen
Date(s): 09 September 1999
Fandom: Millennium
External Links: It's not the end of the "Millennium," after all; archive link
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It's not the end of the "Millennium," after all is a 1999 article about a virtual season of the TV show Millennium that is organized by two male fans.

The virtual season is treated as a novel concept, despite the fact that women had been creating them for a long time.

The article links to the Millennium Compendium fansite where the virutal season could be found in 1999.[1]


From the start, the two knew they wanted to do something a bit more elaborate than the typical fan fiction site. They decided to set up the virtual season like a real TV series. Instead of short story-like narratives, they would produce polished scripts; and instead of posting whatever stories came their way, Asendorf and Owen would recruit volunteers whose fan fiction they liked to collaborate on a new season that continued story lines from the original series. Nine writers were quick to sign up; though they receive no compensation, many want the experience of being a staff writer — even on a make-believe series. “I haven’t done a lot of collaborative work before on my writing, and I wanted to see what it was like and learn how to make compromises and build off each other’s ideas,” says Brown University graduate student Kevin Patterson.


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