Tales from the Holodeck

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Title: Tales from the Holodeck
Publisher: Off-Note Productions
Editor(s): Anne Davenport
Type: fanfic
Date(s): 1991
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek: TNG
Language: English
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front cover by Anne Davenport
back cover

Tales from the Holodeck has the subtitle: "and Other Stories," and, "If We're Always Going Where No One Has Gone Before Why Do We Always Meet Somebody When We Get There?."

This is a 50-page collection of Star Trek: TNG cartoons by Anne Davenport. "Cartoons of the Special Edition," and "Curtain Raiser Special Edition" are also all on the cover.

It was edited by Cheryl Duvall and won a 1991 FanQ.

Note: there was a proposed zine with the title "Tales from the Holodeck" (Sockii Press), but it never made it off the ground.


From the artist:
The following cartoons arose from the artist, in late 1988, becoming editor of a very small

science fiction club, Nova Odysseus, in Panama City, Florida· Cartoons are a wonderful way of filling in space when words fail. Thanks should be given to the following for support, praise and ideas: the members of Nova Odysseus, including, Joe Ciccarelli, Sandy Ciccarelli, Robert Teague, Marilyn Teague, Tasha Mohr, Belinda Galvin; my sister, Katie Davenport, Tom Rackers--and a FAR SIDE cartoon.

These cartoons have been piling up for a couple of years now, and aside from this cartoon book, of them have also appeared in TRANSMISSIONS and Tasha Mohr's newsletter, "NCC 1701-D". I've also sold redrawings of a few of these at a couple of SF conventions.
From the zined:
There is no adequate way to describe Anne Davenport's humor and talent. The usual adjectives are there, of course: witty, subtle, bizarre, off-the-wall·· .all which apply, but which somehow don't quite do the trick. How do you describe it when a beaming Dr. Pulaski takes obvious pride in the fact that she's just left Geordi LaForge with two big, plastic eyeballs sproinging from the ends of huge springs? And that's only a single example , I've long been an admirer of Anne's delightfully entertaining work, which has appeared In so fanzines over the years that I could not' possibly count them all· Her DOCTOR WHO cartoon zine, "NEVER STEAL A TARDIS YOU CAN'T LIVE WITH", is still one of the cleverist and most original DW publications of all time. With "If WE'RE BOLDLY GOING...", Anne has struck a new is it a low?--in her comic career with her unique observations of life aboard the In any case, this publications is what I've termed a CURTAIN RAISER--an introduction, if you will, to a who new excursion into fanzine frontiers for me, the lady who said she'd never do a TREK zine. Here it is, and it's fun. I sincerely hope you enjoy it, even half as much as I did.