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Name: Idealists Haven
Dates: ? - present
Type: Media site, Message Boards
Fandom: X-Files
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Idealists Haven started as the "Haven for the FBI's Most Unwanted" at in 1998. It was originally known as a shipper-focused spoilers and media site, and had simple web message board interface with a single message board which was known for its shipper-focused discussions.

As the site grew in popularity, more message boards were added, including a shipper board, a spoilers board, and a fan fiction board. All boards continued to be shipper-focused, although the fan fiction board started to slowly move away from that foundation as general fan fiction discussion started to consolidate there.

In 2001, the site moved to its current home at The boards were upgraded to a full-fledged web message forum and grew so popular that they made up the majority of the traffic to the site.

After a server crash in 2003, only the message boards were restored. Through today, the message boards remain an active location for X-Files discussion on the web.

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