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Fan Club
Name: Hosato
Dates: 1974-at least 1975 (there was an ad in a 1977 issue of STAG asking if former members wanted to revive the club), the club seems to have been restarted again in 1978. In 1991, it appears to have morphed into a club called GHT (George Hosato Takei Club), run by Ena Glowgowska and it had three journals a year
Founder(s): Jenny Elson
Leadership: president in 1977 was Kathy Bayne
Country based in:
Focus: George Takei and Star Trek
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Hosato was the official fan club for George Takei. It was fan-run and "the only voluptuous fan club for George Takei in the world!" [1]

Membership included a Welcome Book, bi-monthly newsletters, a yearbook, badges, and photos.

One of its publications was Ichi Ban.

"It's VOLUPTUOUS, so join us NOW. George is very active and interested in his club and takes an active part in its running and the newsletters. All member's questions are answered by him in his own handwriting." [2]

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