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In addition to generally keeping the wiki neat and tidy (an impossible task: congratulations, it's ours!), you can keep an eye on the following special pages. It's fine to only deal with an item or two from the list below at a time, and some of these special pages shouldn't actually be entirely empty, but watch for things that can be removed.

  • Check the Recent changes list, especially Talk and User Talk pages, to keep up with what's happening on the wiki.
  • Check the subcategories listed on Category:Fanlore Gardening, especially
    • Category:Attention Gardeners - articles that have been marked for follow-up. Look through any talk pages to see if the page needs moved, or if other input is needed. Once the task is completed, remove the Attention Gardeners template.
    • Category:Spam - delete spam pages and block the associated accounts.
    • Category:Clean Up - see if there's something that can be done to smooth out the identified pages.
  • Orphaned Pages: Orphaned Pages are pages that no one links to. Imagine how lonely they must be! But more importantly, it means that unless someone types in the exact title, they're unlikely to find the page.
  • Uncategorized Pages and Uncategorized Files: Uncategorized Page is uncategorized. And that's bad. Except if it's a subpage, since there isn't a decision yet about whether subpages should be added to categories.
  • Dead-end pages: Dead end pages don't have any links to other pages within them, meaning anyone who browses there is in grave danger of escaping fanlore! Don't let this happen.
  • Double Redirects: If one redirect leads to another, that's just kinda sloppy. Edit them to both point to the actual article.
  • Broken Redirects: These redirects go to a nonexistent page. Sometimes, it's just a typo and can be fixed easily.
  • Categories: If the number of entries in a category = 1, check to see if there is a different version (spelling, etc) of the same category that has a larger number of members, then edit the entry and fix it if it needs to be changed.
  • Sorting: Use defaultsort to change the sort of fandoms beginning with 'The' or 'A'. Please make sure that people are set to sort "Lastname, Firstname" if they have a last name.
  • Capitalization: If an article does not hew to our capitalization policy, feel free to move/rename. Make sure it wasn't on purpose, though!
  • Write and/or update help pages as needed.

Current Concerns

Please delete items on this list once they have been dealt with.

Project help requests

  • ASC Awards: "Awards may need their own subpage. Also, check to see the main award site is waybackable - if not, the remaining award years need to be moved over in case it goes down again"