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Want to be a Gardener? Contact the committee or the gardeners and we'll follow up with you.

To contact a gardener: Add Template:AttentionGardeners to the page or talk page.

Gardeners monitor, clean up and organize content, and generally make sure everything is running smoothly. Gardeners watch the recent changes across the wiki to make sure the content added (or removed) is coherent, appropriate and properly organized. Through this process they also assist other contributors in using the wiki. To continue the metaphor, these Gardeners grow, nurture and weed on the wiki.

Anyone able to commit to regularly visiting and monitoring the wiki is welcome to become a Gardener. Send us an email!

Gardeners may be interested in the following subpages:


Gardeners are allowed to perform certain wiki actions:

  • edit articles & categories outside of the project namespace
  • create & add to talk pages
  • move articles
  • delete articles
  • undelete articles
  • upload files
  • re-upload files
  • make minor edits
  • rollback revisions
  • view the history of a deleted article
  • mark articles as patrolled (only other admins & gardeners can see)
  • edit a protected article
  • block/ban spambots
  • Will never be prompted with a CAPTCHA

What Gardeners Cannot Do

  • Cannot edit the project namespace
  • Cannot hide revisions
  • Cannot alter user rights
  • Cannot alter system messages around the wiki
  • Cannot protect an article