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Pairing: Eric/Tami
Alternative name(s):
Gender category: het
Fandom: Friday Night Lights
Canonical?: yes
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Eric and Tami Taylor are a married couple, and they're at the heart of Friday Night Lights. Eric is the football coach working first with the Dillon Panthers, later with the East Dillon Lions; Tami is a homemaker when the series begins, and later works as a school guidance counselor, a high school principal, and a guidance counselor again.

They have two daughters, Julie and Gracie Bell.

Their marriage has been called "the most realistic marriage on television. And the sexiest, too."[1]

Where to find the fandom:

The livejournal community coachmrscoach is dedicated to Eric/Tami discussion and fanworks.

Notable fanworks:

  • Good, by Kass, set a few hours after S2 x 15, "May the Best Man Win." In which Eric and Tami talk about Mo McArnold and have make-up sex.

(what else?)

Maybe because the pairing is canonical, picspams are a popular fanwork featuring this pairing. (Like this one: eric/tami taylor picspam.)


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