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Name: Elisabeth Waters
Alias(es): Lisa Waters
Type: writer, editor, organizer
Fandoms: Darkover, Sime~Gen, The Fantastic Journey
URL: "her profile"
Elisabeth Waters: News, Random Thoughts, and Story Ideas
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Elisabeth Waters was a writer in the Sime~Gen and Darkover fandoms. She wrote fiction in Starstone, edited at least one Ambrov Zeor!. She was listed in Darkover Newsletter as "office manager and bookkeeper," and it was there she was very active and made many editorial comments.

Waters was Marion Zimmer Bradley's long-time personal assistant. They were introduced to each other in Jacqueline Lichtenberg's living room. [1]

From her blog: "Elisabeth Waters sold her first short story in 1980 to Marion Zimmer Bradley for THE KEEPER'S PRICE, the first of the Darkover anthologies. She then went on to sell short stories to a variety of anthologies. Her first novel, a fantasy called CHANGING FATE, was awarded the 1989 Gryphon Award. She is now working on a sequel to it, in addition to her short story writing and anthology editing." [2]

Waters is involved in the Marion Zimmer Bradley Literary Works Trust and is the only beneficiary from the sale of MZB's books." [3]

Comments Regarding Delegation, The Literary Trust

Delegation is a good thing, but there are some things a writer can't delegate, such as writing her books. Things that can be delegated include website design and updating, social media, newsletters, answering fan mail (or e-mail), etc.

There are certainly parts of producing an anthology that can be delegated--I know this because Marion delegated everything she didn't want to do to me: sending contracts; paying advances; sending contributors' copies; keeping track of royalties, authors' changes of address and names; and paying royalties. Her death added choosing the stories and the final line-up, assembling the manuscript and sending it to the publisher. Vera's/Norilana's bankruptcy added producing the book to the job. At least the Trust is willing to pay to have someone else do the book covers, because I'm horrible at that.

Then there's all my work for the Trust. At the moment, we have 20 anthologies in print, with two more coming this year, and two more planned for 2015. Most of them are paying royalties, and I expect the ones that aren't yet to do so in the next year or two. Given the number of authors involved, paying royalties is becoming a big job. When Marion was alive, she had a staff of four people in her office, plus another two in her household. Since her death, we've lost that staff to death, jobs that provide the salary needed to live, other interests, other responsibilities, and the fact that all of us are getting older. Only two of the staff were younger than I, and one of them is the one who died. So I'm the next-to-youngest, and I'm eligible to collect Social Security this year.

I need to delegate. I also need to train a replacement, because the Marion Zimmer Bradley Literary Works Trust is going to outlive me. Even if I believe I can do my job better than anyone else, I won't always be able to do it--or even be here to do it. [4]

The 2014 Allegations Regarding Marion Zimmer Bradley

Standards of Proof is a June 18, 2014 blog post by Waters which may be a metaphoric comment about the 2014 allegations regarding Marion Zimmer Bradley.

E-Books: Profits and Donations

On July 1, 2014, Victor Gollancz Ltd wrote:
Allegations about Marion Zimmer Bradley have surfaced in the last couple of weeks, including a statement from her daughter, Moira Greyland, that she was sexually abused by her mother. Ms Bradley died in 1999 and therefore cannot answer these charges, nor are we in a position to comment on them; we are also mindful of the dangers of drawing a link between any writer’s personal life and their work. Further, we are aware that royalties from the sales of her work are mainly distributed between a range of charities, including Save the Children. We have considered carefully what response, if any, we – as publishers of her digital backlist – should make in this situation. We have decided that we will henceforth donate our income from sales of her Gateway e-books to Save the Children. We will be making no further comment on the matter. [5]
On February 16, 2016, Elisabeth Waters posted about MZB's ebooks. She did not mention profits in any way:

The MZB Literary Works Trust has starting publishing eBooks on Kobo (I attended their presentation at the RWA Conference in NYC last summer).

The most recent book is the anthology I edited last year: Sword and Sorceress 30.

I will start reading for Sword and Sorceress 31 as soon as tax season and my volunteer work for AARP Tax-Aide ends. [6]


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