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Name: D.C. Fontana
Also Known As:
Occupation: Writer, Script Editor
Medium: Television
Works: Star Trek: The Original Series, Star Trek: The Animated Series, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
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D.C. Fontana and Gene Roddenberry in a cartoon from One Trek Mind #2, by Cory Correll

In an interview with Walter Koenig in T-Negative #7, the actor says that he misses Dorothy Fontana, who was no longer script editor on the show. "She always had an insight into all the characters. It might be just a few lines, but there'd be something in them that brought the character out."


For an extensive (but not exhaustive) listing of D.C. Fontana's work, see mlle's A D.C. Fontana Primer.

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