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Synonyms: Multi Animator Project
See also: Picture Music Video, Animatic, Warrior Cats
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Animated Music Videos, also called AMVs (not to be confused with Anime Music Videos), are animations set to music. If more than one person works on it, it is called a MAP: Multi-Animator Project. Most AMVs are MAPs due to the work involved. They are different than animatics or PMVs (picture music videos) due to having more fluid animation. They are common in the Warrior Cats fandom.

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Closer [1] by ChocobirFandom: WarriorsDate: March 3, 2019Length: 4 minutes, 53 secondsMedium: animation
WE DID IT 2 YEARS LATER! Thanks to everyone who made their parts! This is the best map we made!
Participants: Toxaotic, Northflower, BlueMaroon/Sarah Goran, Sagutoyas, Netsuii, Spotty McNugget, Icefelis Otsukimi, TheFieryFenec, Anji Blizzy, Shrimp on a Bus, Lynx-M7, OwlSpark , Bosley Boz, Kawamaru, StarCougar, Tayplets, Cytroplex, Blowber JalenR11 Twins for a change, meow 286, UmbreonCopper2244, Ignis Felis, Yunmeh, Bunny Guin, AgentBudgie007, iubii, Brownycat
Warriors: Fields of Gold [2] by ChikkiFandom: WarriorsDate: May 25, 2017Length: 4 minutes, 17 secondsMedium: animation

Story: (major spoilers, read at your own risk) The video opens with Dirtystar sitting at the river bank right after he murdered Littlefang (his ex girlfriend whoop whoop)

He realises what a monster he's been, so he goes to the moonpool to ask the Silverpelt (yes, shes actually a character here, it just annoyed me how they kept reffering to it but i was never an actual character in the books) to take his star away, for he does not deserve it and has failed his clan and starclan. He returns to his clan with the news and spots his mentor, Rosethorn who continued mentoring him even after her death. He realises - she was the one who manipulated him into becoming this monster. Later, he meets her in the fields of gold and she tries to manipulate him back to becoming her apprentice. She mentions Littlefang's death and Dirtyfoot tackles her. They fight for a while, Rosethorn becomes furious after he threw her to the ground, and uses up most of her energy to hold him down with her dark powers. Dirtyfoot passes out for a moment but in that moment he remembers all the horrible thing's he's done while being leader. He then sees Littlefang's ghost to forgive him - she does not, but for the sake of the clans fights the darkness away with her powers so he may defeat Rosethorn. By the time he wakes up the short storm has passed and the fields were all golden, there in the fields of gold he kills Rosethorn. He comes back to his clan and is accepted as the one - lived leader, living equally with the other cats.
Ashfur Pigeon AMV [gore warning] [3] by ComicSavageryFandom: WarriorsDate: June 17, 2019Length: 2 minute, 37 secondsMedium: animation
And it's done and UP. It's been done for a few weeks but I wanted to wait to upload it since it was a school project... When I get my grade back I'll let you know what I got! So basically the project prompt was 'identity', everyone did pretty different stuff, and my stupid ass decided that I should make a 2 and half minute video in less than 2 months... Oof. Warriors has been pretty important to who I am as an artist- so I got the okay to make a Warriors video. Since it's for education purposes it falls under fair use so yaaaaaay. That's why some bits look so rough, but I'm pretty proud with how it turned out over all!

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