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Name: Anglicon
Dates: 1988-2004; 2015-
Frequency: yearly
Location: Seattle-area
Type: fan-run professional-guest con (fan con)
Focus: British TV
Organization: ?
Founder: DJ Driscoll
Founding Date: 1988
URL: archived old site
convention logo
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Anglicon is a friendly midsized mediacon in the Pacific Northwest, specializing in British and international media. It ran from 1988 to 2004. Anglicon 18 which was to have been held in 2006 was canceled.[1] It is currently being revived to return in June 2015 with a continued focus on British media, specifically Doctor Who.

convention badge from 1988
programming schedule from an undated Anglicon (possibly the late 1980s/early 1990s). Among the programs are panels: "Liberated Sex," "How To Build A Costume Out of Almost Anything," "My Fandom and Welcome To It."
video room schedule from an undated Anglicon with fan's pencil marks circling interesting shows.

From the 2004 website: "Anglicon celebrates British and international media. Participants at Anglicon have the opportunity see many British television programs, both new and old, some not even available in the U.S.! Attendees also may participate in panel discussions of various shows and genres of media such as British theater. There are also appearances by actors and writers, a casino, the dance, an art show and more. Now in our seventeenth year, Anglicon remains the Northwest's only annual media convention. Unlike science fiction conventions we are not science oriented. Costumes are worn by some people but not by most. Weapons of any sort including costume accessories are strictly banned. Overall Anglicon is a very relaxed and friendly convention. Attendance ranges around a cozy three hundred people. You will never face mobs of crazed fans at an Anglicon."


A more detailed history of the convention and the guests can be found archived here.


Programming from Anglicon 17 is archived here.

The convention also hosted a charity auction, auctioning off a Doctor Who scarf. The auction page is archived here.

Video Tapes

Some of the convention programming was videotaped and later sold on videotape. A listing of the available material is here. Videotape footage from the 1988 convention can be found as part of the "S. Hereld Collection of Blake's 7 Fanzines and Fan Fiction" located at the University of Iowa fanzine archives.

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